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Post by DavidWhite »

Its absolutely absolutely WRONG
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Post by KrazyG »

The default of wordpress for their links is "nofollow" but you can get a plugin that could convert those "nofollow" links into not.
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A Different Plugin

Post by JobsWages »

KrazyG wrote:The default of wordpress for their links is "nofollow" but you can get a plugin that could convert those "nofollow" links into not.
I thought the default was dofollow.

Anyway, I have use a plugin to make them all nofollow.

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Post by rayter »

Fyi, WordPress assigns the nofollow attribute to user-submitted links, but you can change the coding of it to make it dofollow.

moo baa
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Post by moo baa »

When you initially install wordpress its default status is no-follow, but there are numerous plugin's you can get to make the blog do-follow if you so require.

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Wordpress Default Nofollow

Post by mgandy »

As mentioned early in the forum Wordpress defaults to nofollow on blog comments but you can change this by going into the control panels. Also there are some plugins that help you manage your comments such as comment luv and disquis. These are both do follow comment plugins. I hope that helped


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Re: Wordpress no follow

Post by therence »

bettsnirvana wrote:I've read with some forum that wordpress is no follow..is it true?
Nah. That's not true, look for a no-follow checker tool to let you know if it is really a no-follow. I just checked it before and it does all do-follow.
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Post by Kaiser »

It is Do follow unless you manually change it.

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yes and no

Post by rockymeet »

DavidWhite wrote:Its absolutely absolutely WRONG
yes same blog are nofollow but you can change nofollow to dofollow any blog search in google thanks for other question :) keep in touch

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Post by cybernac »

There are TONS of Wordpress plugins to accomplish about anything you want to change - including do follow! I have only recently been actively using Wordpress and I wish I had started a long time ago.

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Post by mdamin76 »

Authors link is nofollow by default, but you can change it to dofollow using plugin, or manually change it to the source code.

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Re: Wordpress no follow

Post by Viresh »

You have to follow manually submission to make it do-follow.

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Re: Wordpress no follow

Post by mrandrei »

Not all WP blogs are nofollow. There are WP blogs that have dofollow link attributes. There are plug-ins for that.

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Re: Wordpress no follow

Post by virande »

By default, WordPress adds the no-follow attribute to all commenter URL's. This is great if you are worried about leaking PR but bad if you are worried about deterring SEO conscious visitors. This plugin removes the no-follow attribute allowing you to show a little "link love" to those who comment on your blog.

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Re: Wordpress no follow

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