AOL user search database is on the loose

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Well thats no good but its kinda cool to see what people search for and what websites they actually go on!

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This thread is more than 2 years old now...
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And still active can anyone provide new thread.

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Re: AOL user search database is on the loose

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submit wrote:This is a huge story...
The security breakdown, disclosed earlier this week, publicly exposed about 19 million search requests made by more than 658,000 AOL subscribers during the three months ended in May. Time Warner Inc.'s AOL intended to release the data exclusively to researchers, but the information somehow surfaced on the Internet and was widely copied.

You can see the data here:

The full database can be dowloaded here:

This is very can see all the stuff a user has searched for...for example type "search engine otpimization" and then you see which users searched for that and take one User ID to see what else he searched for.
there are very very informative and execellant link here.
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very nice information thanks for sharing to all

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Old Info

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A breach of privacy has occured many times since this orignal post. Searching history is one thing, but social security card information is more damaging.

If anyone cares what people are searching for, google now has data for everyone to see at

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Yah, that's great for google to have that site for everyone to see their data.

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