What is a niche directory?

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What is a niche directory?

Post by jeet1 »

what is meaning of niche directory? and any use in seo work?

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Post by viradian »

Niche refers to whatever vertical or area you are targeting...a more specific and narrow topic....for instance, I could define my site as being a soft home furnishings site (broad), or I can get specific and narrow it down to pillows.

A niche directory is a directory focused on a specific thing. DMOZ and Yahoo Directory are very broad and cover many topics...but there are others that are more specific to your topic.

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Post by nivea_david »

A niche directory is a directory focused on special theme ,area or topic like finance,blog,family etc. You can promote your website by submitting in these specific web directories which matches with your website theme.
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Post by FLIR thermal imaging »

niche directory means that directory is similar with site theme.

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Post by angelinalove »

Niche directory is a directory that allows you to submit in the specific category of your site. Ex. Games, Electronics, Shopping.

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Post by edtechguide »

in short, niche is more likely a "keyword" that represents your website.. ;)

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Post by commentcodes »

niche directory is relevant sites, those back links are SE counts quality back links.

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Post by Litgen »

you can certainly use niche directory

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Post by johnabraham »

angelinalove wrote:Niche directory is a directory that allows you to submit in the specific category of your site. Ex. Games, Electronics, Shopping.
you right. and good Niche directory is free direcroty with no backlink requried :P

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Post by guruananth »

Submitting to Particular category its called NICHE Submission

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Post by bellfox »

Now i know,thanks for this sharing.Great thread useful post.

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Post by Hafsoh »

A niche directories are directories focused on a specific area, they can be an important tool for improving your rankings. Listings in directories related to your site will be given more credit and thus help your rankings more than a link from a general site.
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Post by therence »

The main focus of it is the category of your site. There are lots of directory that offer free site submission. Just like http://www.directorycritic.com/niche-directories.html.
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Re: What is a niche directory?

Post by ujju »

In niche directory submission, your website will be submitted to a category within your specific niche, so once it is submitted, it will obtain relevant back linking.

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Re: What is a niche directory?

Post by next523 »

Excellent post. Thank you very much!!

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