270+ directories to submit your website

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270+ directories to submit your website

Post by chuck59 »

Hello, I’ve just found an amazing list of 270+ web directories to submit your website into, to increase number of visitors to your website into thousands…

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Post by TexSurance.US »

It kinda looks like you stole the list from here:
http://www.seo-resources.inetzeal.com/t ... tories.htm

I'm only thinking that because the data is the same, your post
is subsequant to his,

and your post promotes data a state you just found,
yet the domain you " just found " is a part of your signiture - odd...

But whatever, I don't really care how others conduct themselves,
I'm just making an observation.

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Post by coop99 »

Good observation! I agree.

People do weird things to earn a cent off Adsense.

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