Do All DMOZ Editors Suck ?

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Do All DMOZ Editors Suck ?

Post by TexSurance.US »

DMOZ Editors Are JERKS ?

Not all of them, but it seems more may be than are not:

What's that old saying - absolute power currupts absolutely...

Really, how important is Dmoz anyway, I have NEVER
searched for ANYTHING off their directory and since they
do nothing special ( like additional user services ) I wouldn't
even know they existed if I weren't building a web based biz.

I absolutely approached them with the best intentions and
I didn't try to spam or abuse them or anything, but I found
that at least many peoples additude at dmoz frick'en sucks
big fat black sloppy donkey dingdong :evil:

So why are these guys on their HIGH HORSE ?

... and how important is dmoz to the big picture ?

... and more importantly, is dingdong one word or two ?

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Post by wmseo2 »

DMOZ listings don't help directly, a good listing might bring 100 uniques a month (but mostly from webmasters looking for link exchanges). More importantly, it's an authority backlink that also gets you in the Google directory and on a couple hundred scraper sites.


Why is it almost impossible to get listed in DMOZ?

Post by Drobins »

I really do not understand why I have been waiting for months to get listed and I do not know what i can do to make sure that I do get listed.

I have avoided their forums becuase I have heard they get real rude when you question them.

I really need the feed to Google and the rest...


DMOZ does help your PR but why i ask!!!

Post by mythailove »

Yes, DMOZ does help. But the original poster was right, the editors are corrupt and i've heard that they take money to get listings in there. I got an email from a guy on a yahoo address that said he could get my listing into the DMOZ for 300 dollars. He said he would put it there and then i could pay him. The proof was in the listing. They all suck and i wish DMOZ as well as Google would go away. This whole PR thing sucks! It's not about your site anymore, it's about what other sites think about your site. 100% totally stupid and i can't believe we are all just running around trying to increase are PR's. Ridiculas!



Post by mandarin »

Its really pathetic the way a great concept like DMOZ is being destroyed by a few rotten apples. Time for a overhaul methinks.

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