Question On Directory Submissions

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Question On Directory Submissions

Post by jromanoff »

I see a lot of people promoting directories and directory submission services, which i think is very helpful, i would like to know if there is any difference in using a directory submission service or doing the submitting myself, other than just the time it takes?

Second question, i see a ton of directories being spoken about, can anyone vouch for a top set of directories which will help improve rankings, other than the submission services, so basically i am asking people who have had personal success?

And Three, I noticed a lot of people are quoting prices for business .com or botw, and i assume these are old posts, because the prices have gone way up since the days where was $50 or botw was $30, but my question is many of these directories, such as botw say one time fee for $149 pending non refundable review, so my question is if you pay 149 and they reject you for some reason or another, do you lose that money?

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated, i am a newbie to most of this, and I am trying to perform my marketing campaigns since i have the time.

Thank you,


Post by mandarin »

1. Depends on the service provider. Good providers will submit yuor site with multiple description, different titles and take care of spelling mistakes and proper sentence construction.

2. Older and established directories like DMOZ, joeant, zeal are trusted sources for search engines, so links from these sources might give your site a bit of advantage in SERPs. Newer directories are not that important ( except a few) and mostly used for increasing link popularity only.

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