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Dmoz Directory

Post by Aana »

When is my website indexed in Dmoz directory site of Free Submission. Its takes around 3months.

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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by rishitha »

Dmoz directory actually takes 3 to 6 months to get indexed.

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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by anubi33 »

Do they still accept new entry? I could find a way to register as an editor.

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How to recommend a web page to the Begin Directory

Post by mamun123 »

How to recommend a web page to the Start Directory
The Start History Venture is a web set of Sites. A web record is something just like a huge suggestions choice. The ODP is managed by group promoters who assess websites for inclusion in your opportunity. We don't accept to to to all websites, so please don't take it individually should the web page not be accepted .
. Not able to comprehend and adhere to these suggestions usually will outcome in the being refused of a suggestions.
Determine whether a web page is appropriate for submission to the ODP:
Do not recommend reflection websites. Representation websites are websites that contain identical material, but have definitely different URLs.

Do not secured your suggestions and recommend the same material more than once
Do not recommend any web page with an cope with that attacks to another cope with.
The Start History has a strategy against the inclusion of web sites with unlawful material. Conditions of unlawful material involve kid pornography; libel; material that trespasses any ip right; and material that particularly supporters, solicits or abets unlawful action (such as scammers or violence).
Do not recommend websites "under construction". Delay until a web page is finish before displaying it. Sites that are restricted, contain "Under Construction" is aware of of, or contain damaged design or hyperlinks are not outstanding applicants for your opportunity.
Suggest mature websites to the appropriate classification under Older.
Suggest non-English websites to the appropriate classification under World.
Don't recommend websites composed mostly of on the internet hyperlinks.

Identify the individual best classification for the web page. You should recommend a web page to the individual most appropriate classification.

Note: Some groups do not have "suggest URL" or "update URL" hyperlinks. These groups don't accept to to to suggestions, so you should find out a more particular classification for the web page.

Once you've chosen the best classification for the web page, go straight to that classification on Sites recommended instantly are flagged and eliminated after the suggestions is accepted, without notice. .

Editorial Discretio
Please identify that developing the ODP a useful source needs us to execute out comprehensive material attention in identifying the material and framework of your opportunity. That attention increases (but is not limited) to what websites to involve, where in your opportunity websites are placed, whether and when to involve more than one web weblink to a web page, when amazing connecting is appropriate, and the material of the headline and information the web page.

The Start History group satisfies views and views about your opportunity usually. Thanks!

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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by mmmscott »

It takes a long time. I am not sure of the benefit of it.
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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by maloupeters »

Another option is to become a dmoz admin :D thats what i did!
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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by krishnaparthu06 »

Now there is no Dmoz directory, it's been discontinued
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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by ajarajmohanty »

Yeah, it will take 3 to 6 months for indexing...

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Re: Dmoz Directory

Post by SteveGood »

Dmoz directory stopped its listing service almost a year ago. So you can try any other directory for your business listing.

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