Let's discuss DMOZ!

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Let's discuss DMOZ!

Post by 3Dprof4Online »

I would like raise this question to help other people to get their website listed in DMOZ! If you have something to say if you have any advices to share with us just do this in this post!

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Post by VladTepes »

If you are going to look at the sites already listed in DMOZ, they are just simple with direct information about their site. They have simple guidelines to follow, just make sure your site is clean and informative then come up with good title, description and search for the most close category your site might belong.

moo baa
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Post by moo baa »

The biggest problem for people getting their sites into DMOZ is that they don't follow the guidelines so get rejected. If you read them and have a look at the listings for similar businesses to yourself you will get an idea of the kind of description DMOZ require, deviate from this and its rejection.

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Post by markaniel »

Im waiting 4 month to get to the Dmz. Its not worth it in my mind.

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Post by kettlewell »

Quality of DMOZ has gone downhill in the last couple of years.. not near as important as it was then. It use to be the 3rd or 4th thing that I'd do when I'd start to SEO a site... now it's not even on my radar... unless I see it on a post like this, and I might go submit it on a whim, but I've not found there to be power in DMOZ anymore, and it takes many months (if ever) to get a response... I even applied to be an editor to help speed things up... but no reply...

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Post by my_misyel »

You have to wait from 4 months above in order for your site to get listed. Just submit your site once then wait until it approves.

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Post by justifyleo »

wow 4 months? thats crazy
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Post by murrayd77 »

Once your site is approved after 4 months, it will be listed and you can generate pretty good revenue. 4 months will run instantly and there is a big burst is waiting for you and you are not gonna be punk'd !!! :D

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Post by anie_b »

While submitting in Dmoz pay attention on these factors-

1. Submit your site to a proper category.
2.Make sure that your site has original and quality content
3.Get your web site professionally designed
4.Be sure to put your contact information on the web site
5.Check your site for broken links and spelling errors.

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Post by timonweller »

When submitting to dmoz be patient and keep trying until they except you.. If one category does not except you 6 months later try another related category, lots of editors on there are really slow at approving or deleting.. I keep trying but still no luck 4 years later for my sites.. :)

I dont see them as that important no more.. :)

Submit and forget is my moto with them....

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Post by sadiatabbasum »

DMOZ is shrinking because there are less and less editors each day and if that wasn't enough long time dedicated editors are getting removed for not following Meta editors party line and actually trying to fix DMOZ by removing pedophile websites which somehow managed to stay listed for years! >:-(

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Post by Ka-canor »

Don't resubmit your site or else it take a year to approved it.

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Post by forgangolf »

8) For better information about DMOZ read this article - http://blog.dmoz.org/2009/02/27/have-qu ... t-us-know/
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Post by realtor »

I also have been waiting forever and still no luck. Hopefully I won't have to wait for over a year like some of the people I have talk to have had to wait :wink:

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Dmoz listing not guaranteed

Post by madhuri_vats »

If you fulfill all the above creteria dmoz not give you the guaranteed the listing of your website.

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