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Post by JohnZD »

I posted my ad on DMOZ almost 3 months ago, does anyone have a realistic time that I should expect it to be accepted?
I followed all the rules so dont think it could have been rejected... Some of these sites are driving my innocent little head mad.

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Get Listed in Dmoz

Post by anie_b »

It may take some time (sometimes 6 months or more ...) before your website will show up in the Open Directory Project. However, do not resubmit your website during the waiting period as this can only result in a longer delay or get your website rejected. Be patient and regularly check the status of your submission by doing the search on DMOZ. If your website does not get listed for a long period of time or gets rejected, you can also check on the status of the submission or the reasons for the rejection by contacting the editors for the subcategory that you selected.

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Post by mrandrei »

Just submit your site then forget about it. Dmoz is such a big disappointment because of its protracted approval time.

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Post by sfwsn »

It is very difficult to get listed in DMOZ. So don't have high expectation after submitting your site. But if your site is good enough and lucky enough to be listed, it will boost your serp rankings. So give it a try.
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Post by financialresources101 »

I felt difficult to submit my website to Dmoz... After submitting my website I have to wait for the approval for 4 months... So instead of wasting time in Dmoz I recommend all to submit to the directories worth equal to Dmoz....

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Post by imranahmed »

i think they will tell u if your site is not listed for some reason.

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Post by Jectillplum »

I already submit my 2 sites in Dmoz since last 8 to 9 months but Dmoz moderator didn't approved my sites yet.

and my sites are 2 to 3 year OLD and both are PR 2+ so why they are not approved my sites yet and i already submitted in related category.

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Post by los_angeles_sales_trainin »

It is hard to get listed in dmoz because they have really high expectations of good site. However, do not give up, try to submit every 6 mths, you may get accepted one day.

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Post by proofreaderjobs »

Yeah! I keep on submitting my website after 3 months.

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Post by Bingtran »

So many people keep in mind Dmoz is importance. They summit and wait for so long. 4 months ... even a year. For me, If that is necessary, just do correctly follow the guideline one time and forget it. There are 1000 others out there to put your efforts. It is just a link. People tell it gain traffic alot. But who prove it. You couldnt find yours. So how do you hope for Traffic. Just deal with the engine.

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Post by probafix »

Your views on this topic are really interesting, helpful and worth a read.
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Re: Let's discuss DMOZ!

Post by Huntooke1942 »

Is this directories is really helpful.so that it count a back link towards your site.

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Re: Let's discuss DMOZ!

Post by Allasted30 »

Those guys are very slow, I even tried to become an editor but haven't heard anything yet.

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Re: Let's discuss DMOZ!

Post by Themn1987 »

I've just found this site and I am really pleased with the information here.

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Re: Let's discuss DMOZ!

Post by Raut1939 »

i need some more information from u :roll:

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