How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Can Use E-Commerce Eff

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How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Can Use E-Commerce Eff

Postby cindy21 » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:17 pm

With the growth of China's e-commerce, a number of foreign e-commerce sites optimistic about the development of China's B2B market have arisen, with being the most distinctive. There are still many problems that may be encountered by Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that utilize e-commerce. Understanding these problems will help your company to navigate them successfully. Below are several areas that e-commerce SMEs need to know about:

1. E-commerce for SMEs and the implementation of an overall plan: Before entering into e-commerce, companies should first try to understand what mechanism they will use to achieve their goal. That is, their business model, or to put it simply: what will you sell? To who? How will you sell it? How will you arrange the sale?

2. Selecting the target market and seizing the right opportunities: The target market is businesses who are servicing groups of customers. You need to determine the customers and the area or region you will service in order to decide on the kind of products you will use, and how you will carry out sales promotions as well as what characteristics you want in your web page design. E-Commerce is not like the traditional one-way marketing model, it is a two way marketing model, so your objective must be understanding whether your product is suitable for the various conditions of online consumers.

3. Strengthening website promotion and establishing a good corporate image: a corporate website is like a city, and the users of the site are like the city's population. Just as the urban environment and level of service in a city determine the city’s population, the population of a website depends on how you construct the site and the services that are offered. As a result, designing your site to promote e-commerce is necessary. There are many ways to promote a site, and these ways can be roughly divided into two categories. First, you can make use of traditional media such as newspapers, television, business cards, promotional t-shirts, product packaging and promotional websites. Second, you can use internet resources to promote the Website, placing links to the website on frequently visited websites, discussion groups, and e-mail.

4. Selecting the best methods of distribution and payment to cut down on costs and risks: The method of distribution and payment are two of the main problems facing e-commerce, and a company is unable to make definitive decisions regarding these issues on their own. You must adopt a flexible way to solve these issues. Cash on delivery is the payment method that is currently being used the most. You need to provide 3 options for delivery: EMS, UPS, and self delivery.

5. The establishment of an efficient information-gathering system: In the information age, whoever is the first to acquire information will be the one who succeeds in the market. For SMEs to successfully implement e-commerce, they must establish an efficient information-gathering system. Adopt a design for your website, establish a good database, collect information, analyze information, understand the market needs, trends, and the circumstances of self run businesses, how well the products are received online, etc. Thus, you can optimize the resources at your disposal, first and foremost in reducing costs and improving your results.

6. Providing top quality service and establishing a stable customer base: Nowadays, customers demand personalized service, and with network services you can provide customers with a brand new tools: tools that are available around-the-clock, updated in real-time, and interactive; tools that can analyze information and solve problems. These characteristics cater to the demands of the modern customer. Therefore, more and more enterprises are finally considering using e-commerce for marketing, making customer service and e-commerce inseparable.

The development of e-commerce has profound and far reaching consequences, as people enter into an even greater information era. In this virtual space, a virtual society has been established, and along with it a new era of growth, an era where the idea of buying goods online will become commonplace. E-commerce is a completely new, ever-changing field, and with the rapid development of new techniques, enterprises need to continuously develop strategies and tactics to adapt accordingly.

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Postby daBlogger » Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:15 am

It's interesting to look back over the last 10 years and see the vast changes in e-commerce. From the way products are presented, cross-sold, etc., it seems there's a paradigm shift ever 3-4 years.

There's talk that Web 3.0 applications will change the way people shop by making it a much more interactive experience, which is what every online niche seems to be trending toward. But of course, everyone wants to take credit for the Web 3.0 (or 4.0 or 5.0) concept without actually clearly defining what it is.

Nonetheless, the web is shrinking the world and e-commerce is an example of that.

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Postby Pattysells » Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:11 pm

We're just working harder on our real estate business right now but we may dabble in ecommerce this summer.

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Postby janice2009 » Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:55 am

Very interesting cindy. You have pointed out all the inconsistencies. Truly informative post. :D

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Postby lennonrowen » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:46 am

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