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Discuss Yahoo, Dmoz, Looksmart and other directories here.
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Post by jgalty »

Well i wouldn't focus directly on directories but just work on back links in general.
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Post by rayter »

Quality is more important than quantity. Submit your site only to web directories with good PR and traffic.

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Post by betty »

Its good to submit in quality directories which have good PR.

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Post by johnsmit1795 »

Quality much important than the quantity try to submit in quality directory.
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Post by Kaiser »

Those free directories with 0 pr are useless and now Matt Cutts has released a statement basically calling them bad neigborhoods. If you want to submit to a directory, shell out the dough for a high ranking one with a good reputation: Yahoo, joant, Botw, etc..

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Post by CrimeCleaner »

I agree with a lot of previous reply's...
1) I don't think you should strictly rely on directories..(blogs/forums etc...)
2)Your goal should be to get on as many HIGH PR sites as possible, but Backlinks from dofollow forums/blogs are generally better for your site..

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Post by Jectillplum »

you can submit 1000 directory for first months with rolling basis like 50 directory every day.
so it's will increased your SERPS.

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Post by William Tubold »

I would submit to few directories a day, but high quality ones. With high Pr, it will help raising your PR. Try to get on

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Post by bellfox »

It is good if have a PR and quality directory. That is a good to your site.

jacks smith
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Post by jacks smith »

Submit in good directory which have good pr relevant categories
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Post by mikejoel »

submit on directories with high pr or well known directories :D

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Post by KrazyG »

Don't take much of your time submitting to free directories. Instead, focus on other things that you can do for your site for link building and promotions. I would recommend a maximum of 25-35 submissions a day will do.
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Post by bakers »

could you post directory

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Post by printingbyharvey »

I think the thing needs to consider is to have quality while submitting directories. Just do submit in such directories which have good PR and can gain some fast approvals. I think its not so easy but you can gain benefit if this method is done.
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