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John Scott
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Web Directory Submission Pointers

Post by John Scott »

Just browsing this forum I had an urge to put some pointers down for future reference.

Why Submit

You are submitting for two reasons - traffic from the directory, and link popularity. As such, prioritize. You aren't going to be able to submit to every one of the 100,000 web directories out there, so start at the top and submit to those web direcrories that provide the most traffic or the most link juice.

Where to Submit

Submit to web directories that have the highest PageRank and Alexa Rank. PageRank indicates link juice, and Alexa rank indicates traffic.

http://www.seocompany.ca/directory/top- ... ories.html
http://www.strongestlinks.com/directori ... lumn=alexa

Generally, my favorites are:

http://dir.yahoo.com/ (If you don't like that redirect, check Google's cache of the category you want to submit to.)

http://www.dmoz.org/ (Yeah, you got better chances of winning the lottery, but still it's worth a shot.)

http://sbd.bcentral.com/ (Cheap and can drive some traffic)







Where NOT to Submit

If you are visiting a directory for the first time, check out the footer. If you see links to that say "Cheap [banned word - SPAM]", move on.

A web directory that links to anything no without any regard for editorial integrity will lose its trust in the eyes of the search engines. No trust = no link juice.

Another thing to avoid is submitting to over crowded categories. Sometimes I go to submit, and fnd that a single category may have 500+ listngs. Not good.

My #1 Submission Tip

Most folks who do submissions copy and paste the same title and description to hundreds of directories, most of the time using Roboform.


Don't do it. Search engines are looking for UNIQUENESS.

Take the time to sit down and write 30 or 40 unique titles and descriptions before you submit. The more unique each listing is, the more value it will have.

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

There are many lists of free directory websites that you might want to keep on hand:

http://www.pegasusdirectory.com/directorylist.php and...
http://www.seocompany.ca/directory/free ... ?sort=prup

Good luck with your submissions and check out the directories before you submit, they might be worth your time!

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