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Re: POST#500 - Free Directory Submission Links

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Thank You for sharing the directory submission webiste. I have sign up on the website and submitted my link of Concept Art Services ... nrichment/

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Re: POST#500 - Free Directory Submission Links

Post by Yucca195 »

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Re: POST#500 - Free Directory Submission Links

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How many SEO people out there think directory links are good for a websites ranking? I have switched to doing more "content marketing" such as guest posts. I'm sure there are still some good quality directories, but generally I am not sure how well they do to rank a website. Any thoughts? I am interested to hear what others think. And I am not taking about local business listing or citations, but specifically directories.

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Re: POST#500 - Free Directory Submission Links

Post by sophiawils59 »

Hey @vistadivine, thanks for sharing in the link.

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When I clicked the link, it redirected me to


Here is one more to the list:

Pixel4Less - PR4 FREE Web Directory

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Re: POST#500 - Free Directory Submission Links

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Thanks for sharing such a informative post. Thanks again.

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