what are sitemap and the robot.txt?

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Re: what are sitemap and the robot.txt?

Postby DarrenIO » Tue May 20, 2014 2:42 am

Sitemaps are a way to make search engines aware of your internal links making it easier for them to index your website. Robots are useful to tell search engines what pages you dont want them to index.

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Re: what are sitemap and the robot.txt?

Postby anneroberts » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:18 pm

A site map is a visual or textually organized model of a Web site's content that allows the users to navigate through the site to find the information they are looking for, just as a traditional geographical map helps people find places they are looking for in the real world. A site map is a kind of interactive table of contents, in which each listed item links directly to its counterpart sections of the Web site.
A robots.txt file gives instructions to web robots about the pages the website owner doesn’t wish to be ‘crawled’. For instance, if you didn’t want your images to be listed by Google and other search engines, you’d block them using your robots.txt file.

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Re: what are sitemap and the robot.txt?

Postby Seema » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:03 am

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Re: what are sitemap and the robot.txt?

Postby jackar56 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:04 am

Sitemap.xml is used to tell the google bots about your website pages. Basically xml sitemap is used for spiders and users. You can set frequency and priority while creating this and upload this through your webmaster tool.
Robots.txt : The robots exclusion protocol (REP), or robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots (typically search engine robots) how to crawl and index pages on their website.
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