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Web 2.0

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 2:16 am
by marc
Hey Folks

What is all the fuss abt web 2.0. Is is the next dot com bubble?
I was reading thru some bt they said that the next stage of internet business is power to consumers like blogs, rss etc?

Bt how gd is it? WIll creating a site like that and having links increase ranking?


Singapore web design-

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 4:37 am
by marc
Yes.. i think its quality links..

you can go to any forum and drop links ( hyper link) but will it really boost your PR if the sites are say some gossip sites or cinema ?Will it affect if its unrelated industry for eg a web designer dropping links on a basketball forum? The sites where we are dropping the links have to have a PR of at least prob 4 rite?