Google Adsense Search vs Cost-Per-Click Engines

For discussion of cost-per-click (CPC) engines, such as Yahoo! and Google Adwords.
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Google Adsense Search vs Cost-Per-Click Engines

Postby susu_coklat » Wed Oct 13, 2004 6:14 am

If you are webmaster what do you choose?

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Postby Edgar » Sat Oct 16, 2004 9:48 am

It all matters what your needs are, but I would choose google adsense myself.

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Postby paresh » Sat Oct 16, 2004 12:16 pm

Google adsense is better as it is tested by many webmasters for it's reliablity & involves no fraud

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Postby Ultraseeker » Sun Feb 13, 2005 3:15 pm

I use Adsense on my sites. But I'm also planning on using Overture.
Better not to put all your eggs in one basket...
Then you can compare your results. It's the only way to grow.

John Smith
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Postby John Smith » Thu Mar 17, 2005 7:23 am

Overture can not live with Google in the UK. I get 25 to 1 more visitors from the Google adverts than Overture.
Overture I have a site and I wanted my add on Les Arcs, Arc 1950 and Arc 1600, but they would not put them onto those search words. So I put Les Arcs property, arc 1950 property, and arc 1600 property. The silly thing is I come number 1 or 2 now on search engine for those search words.
So Overture wrote to me to-day to say there is a min of £20 per month on my account , and if I do not reach the £20 they will still take this.
Google do not have this min charge, so I have wrote to Overture to close my account down at the end of the month.
Overture also took £106 off me to start my account, when Google only take the money the following month .
So if I was you do not waste your money on Overture.

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Postby keynote » Wed May 04, 2005 7:54 pm

Do adsense ads actually return much revenue? I assume it's totally dependant on your traffic?

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Postby GOGO56 » Sat Apr 29, 2006 3:45 pm


I am working with them from 6 mounts and have very good results with very high CPC.

They also provide products ads.

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Re: Google Adsense Search vs Cost-Per-Click Engines

Postby Doets1962 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:42 am

it is a for china, so its very limited. if you want to target the market of china then you should go for baidu.

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Re: Google Adsense Search vs Cost-Per-Click Engines

Postby anneroberts » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:16 pm

Google Adwords is an advertising platform owned by Google.Google AdWords has a more broad distribution than an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked.

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