What are the Advantages of Web Developing with MEAN Stack Development?

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What are the Advantages of Web Developing with MEAN Stack Development?

Postby echoinnovateit » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:10 pm

In today’s highly modest world, every company – big, small, and long-established or just a startup, needs to have a strong digital presence. There are several ways for them to achieve this. Mean stack, at the moment, is a popular approach.

MEAN is basically an abbreviation for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. All of these are individual open-source JavaScript technologies which put together can form a highly competent JS framework.

More and more of the latest web applications are made out of MEAN. If you’re considering hiring a Custom Software Development Company to build your web applications, you’ve got a good reason to do so.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

Easy to switch between client and server

Having a common language allows you to switch effortlessly between client side and server side. You no more require a 3rd party server like Apache. Instead, Node.js allows the developer to open the application on the server.
This is why most people refer to MEAN stack as being fast and uncomplicated to use.

It is also highly flexible!

Now, what does flexibility mean in this context? It means that MEAN allows you to do more stuff that just act as a platform for developing web applications.

For instance, with MEAN you can host the application on a cloud in case you want to test the web application after development.

Moreover, MongoDB, the database system used in MEAN, is a system built for the cloud. Once, on the cloud, it provides automatic sharing and cluster support across servers.

The quickest way to come up with an MVP

MVP is a minimum viable product. In most cases, it comprises the product (in this case a web application) with its preliminary set of features.

These are the most necessary features that customers are looking for.

A MEAN Stack development company will ensure you achieve the MVP in the shortest possible time.

This is down to the fast nature of the framework.

MVP - Minimum Viable Products

An ever-increasing online community
Mean is a highly reputed framework that’s proven to work well for lots of developers around the world.

Lots of enthusiastic developers who work with MEAN have given rise to a strong and helpful online community. You only need to Google an issue to understand how comprehensive the solutions are and how intricately connected harboring it is.

This is only because MEAN Stack is a proven tool for developers and you must opt for it without harboring any inhibitions. In fact, right from small start-ups right up to tech giants, everyone is making use of Node.js.

Allows for isomorphic coding

One of MEAN’s greatest strengths lies in the fact that it allows developers to switch from one framework to another. The code will still function exactly as intended.

Isomorphism is a rather cool feature for a web development platform to have and this really sets MEAN apart. Also, it makes the platform more reliable and inviting for the uninitiated.

Supports MVC architecture

Model view architecture is an architectural blueprint for implementing user interface of applications.
To incorporate MVC architecture, your application will have to be divided into 3 inter-connected parts. This separates the internal representation of information from how the user will see it.

Essentially this makes sure that the MEAN Stack development team maintains a high level of productivity.

Helps in quality assurance

A web application built using MEAN will support automated testing. So, whenever a feature breaks down, the developers will have instant knowledge.

One of the fundamental reasons companies hire mean stack developer keeping a check on quality becomes easy. In fact, the best way to check for QA is to integrate it with the development stage which is what MEAN does.

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Re: What are the Advantages of Web Developing with MEAN Stack Development?

Postby naveen12 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:28 pm

When it largely comes to web development, the web developers have got an array of choices to make. However, at the same point of time one should also remember that technology is getting upgraded and posing new challenges; so when you are selecting a JavaScript framework, choose one that offers you a scope to exhibit your skills and flexibility to work conveniently. And precisely more that reason more and more web developers have switched from LAMP/WAMP stack to MEAN stack, which is excelling at the present moment.

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Re: What are the Advantages of Web Developing with MEAN Stack Development?

Postby sudamjena » Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:25 pm

Various technologies are developed to provide services to the growing demand for mobile and web applications worldwide. Among all these, the MEAN is an independent and open-source JavaScript software stack, it is very important to develop dynamic web applications and websites. The brief is for MEAN MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js, which are open-source JavaScript-based technologies. A full-stack JavaScript framework, which is used to develop web applications quickly and easily, can be enabled using all these powerhouse technologies simultaneously.

Let us discuss some of the advantages of MEAN stack for which developers are choosing it for developing mobile apps and websites.

MEAN makes the switching between client and server easier

Developing applications using MEAN is simple and fast because developers are allowed to write code only in one language i.e. javaScript for both client and server A JavaScript expert can manage the entire project with the help of the MEAN Stack formula. With Node.js, a developer can deploy the app directly on the server without deploying it to a stand-alone server.

Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEAN

Transferring the code to another framework that is written in one particular framework is made easier with the help of MEAN stack. This made MEAN stack a leading edge technology and the MEAN stack development companies are considering plenty of technologies in MEAN to boost the transcendence in applications and web development projects.

Highly Flexible

MEAN allows you to test an application on cloud platform easily after successful completion of a development process. Applications can be easily developed, tested and introduced in the cloud. It also allows you to add extra information simply by adding the field to your form. MongoDB, specifically designed for the cloud, provides full cluster support and automatic replication.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS. And MongoDB is a component-based relational database that offers users to save documents in JSON format. But it is limited for only small to intermediate level companies. Mostly, developers prefer MEAN stack at various stages of applications and web development.


Developing apps with MEAN stack requires developers who are proficient at JavaScript, whereas LAMP stack requires developers who are expert in MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP. As less number of developers are required to develop apps using MEAN stack, the amount to be invested to hire the number of developers will also be less. So, we can say MEAN stack is cost-effective and often, the most effective way of dealing with.

High Speed and Reusability

Node.js is speedy and ascendable because of its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js is an open source JavaScript framework that offers maintenance, testability, and reusability. Powerful directives of this framework progress into great testability and domain specific language.

Open Source and Cloud Compatible

All the MEAN stack technologies are open source and available for free. It helps the development process using libraries and public repositories and reduces the development cost. MongoDB helps to deploy cloud functionalities within the app by reducing the disk space cost.
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