How to get more visitors through smo

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How to get more visitors through smo

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How I can get more and more visitors by using smo strategies without spamming web 2.0 properties.

I want to improve traffic of website


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May i know first what is SMO?

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Stella, SMO means Social Media Optimization, It's an off page optimization using Social Media sites.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

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By simply joining social media sites and mingle only to people with the same interest like yours. You need to be active though, talk to your followers, give opinion and dispute sometimes this way they get curious to you find more information about you.

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After you have created your profile you can now interact with your audiences but avoid advertising too much because they might consider you as a spam bot, try to reach out to them and their help them with their needs.

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By simply following the effective tricks in handling your twitter and facebook account. ;) Like gaining your followers first!

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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Here are some tips:-

1. Increase your linkability : Think blogs, content, aggregation & linkbait.

2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy : Include calls to action for users to tag, bookmark and Digg your stuff. I’d suggest the Sociable Plugin if you have a WordPress powered blog.

3. Reward inbound links : List blogs which link back to you via permalinks, trackbacks or recently linking blogs (like the Yahoo & Google blogs do).

4. Help your content travel : Content diversification can lead to mobility of your content beyond the browser.

5. Encourage the mashup : Let others use your content or tools to produce something a bit different or outside of the box with your stuff, even RSS.

6. Be a User Resource, even if it doesn’t help you : Add value and outbound links, even if it doesn’t help in the short term, it will in the long.

7. Reward helpful and valuable users : Give your contributors and readers the recognition they deserve.

8. Participate : Get in there and get involved in the discussions going on among the blogs and sites of others, and do it organically. Earn your rep on, don’t try and force it.

9. Know how to target your audience : Understand your appeal and those people you wish to attract.

10. Create content : A little bit of rules 1 & 4 here, but the underlying message is know the form of content working for you.
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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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There are lots of good stuff here. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure using those strategies I can have or increase my SMO. :idea:

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

Post by jerin »

Social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO) and word of mouth marketing (WOMM) are new forms of social interactive marketing that are increasingly taking control over brands, the marketing message and advertising away from the business owner and online marketer and putting it in the hands of the consumer. They have created a new marketing and advertising order where the goal is to partner with the consumers or customers so that they may interact with, or call attention to, products or services.

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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These days SMO is becoming very popular day by day due to its potential of reaching the maximum targeted users in less time. Its an off page optimization which is really helpful. I think SMM is also quite helpful for the marketing purpose.

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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If u r success to attract people then you can get traffic so submit interesting stuff try to catch traffic

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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social interactive marketing are more and more control over brands, the marketing message and advertising business owner and online marketing and put in the hands of consumers. They created a new advertising campaign and whose goal is to work in partnership with customers or clients so they can interact with, or draw attention to products or services.

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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One way to do social media optimization is by increasing the social function to the existing content itself. For example, news or related business sources can add RSS content appears on the site, to attract customers. On the other hand, blog comments or participate in online discussion groups is another way to use social media optimization.

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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Social media optimization(SMO) is a technique of enhance your website or promote your website on social media websites.Social media is on a great demand in technical gain lots of traffic by do advertising on Social websites like make a page on Facebook and Twitter etc.

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Re: How to get more visitors through smo

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Hey you need to create profile in various famious and more used social sites by the people like twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, orkut etc..
you need to update your important and interesting information about the product/services you want to promote so that people following your profiles in different social sites get updated regualarly...

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