Keywords with NetObjects fusion

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Keywords with NetObjects fusion

Post by itstopnotch »

Hi, I built my site with Netobjects fusion and it has a meta tag option so you can add keywords and it generates them in the html page but it generates the same tags in all pages is this a good thing or bad because some pages dont have the same content will this confuse robots or anything like that.this is my first website im still learning..some people say add heaps of keywords some say only a few so confusing..whats a number...and could someone please let me know of some good keywords for my site,just check the source to see the 1s i got....sorry if this is a silly question its only 1week old and still under construction..
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Keywords with NetObjects fusion

Post by thusharaherath »

You should use different Meta tags for different pages. Your Meta tags should be according to your page content.

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dont use home page meta tag for each page coz meta tag shuold be according to the content of the page.use important keyword for that page in title tag so that it can be optimize for that perticular keyword.

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Re: Keywords with NetObjects fusion

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Thankyou for sharing this useful information!

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