Bounce Rate

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Bounce Rate

Post by jennifer1234 »

How can we decrease the Bounce Rate?

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by rozertin »

Bounce rate depend on many factor ...
Bounce rate : when user come and stay few second and then exit from your site.

So we alway need to build the site according to the user . keep user view in mind your bounce rate will automatically decrease when you will understand what user want from your website.

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by elantechnologies »

Good content, attractive site design, easy navigation, page loading time, proper call to action, site layout and etc are factors of decrease the bounce rate.

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by Jayres10 »

This also can factor in to your serp in the future. The site needs to be user friendly, visually attractive and related content to your specific niche.

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by man565 »

Few factors that effect bounce rate:-
1) Irrelevant content
2) Poor website navigation
3) Excessive use of pop-up’s
4) Bad blog design
5) More distractions

So u try to do in this way then defiantly your bounce rate will decrease.
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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by cleanposts »

High bounce rate is telling you that the visitors are not finding what they want on your website or page.
You will need to analyze what search terms are being used for people visiting your site / page and try and figure out what the problem is.

If the situation is such that the search terms used are a good match for the products, services or information offered, then it may be that your page design is not appealing to the user.

The important thing to remember is that with site monitoring you can analyse, modify and monitor your website performance.

Good Luck!!

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by chinujhon »

When a visitor only views a single page on a website, a bounce occurs. That means,before a specified session-timeout visitor leaves a site without visiting any other pages. This is analyzed by a software:

{R_b} {{=}} \left ( \frac{T_v}{T_e} \right )


Rb = Bounce rate
Tv = Total number of visitors viewing one page only
Te = Total entries to page

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by johnclarketwo »

To decrease bounce rate you need to share a kind of information which people are really looking for.

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by bewennick »

Bounce rate is increase when user don't get as per his requirement, so always make the page for user only and put the useful content .
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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by phil121 »

Their are different factors on which the bounce rate is depended.
Always be Mindful for Ad Placement
Always have a clean and cccessible navigation on the page
Your message must be immediately obvious
Alway have a Responsive Layouton the webpage
Last but not least - No Distractions

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by DavisJoseph »

Here some tips on how to decrease bounce rate on your website

- Attractive website design
- user understand content
- Easy navigation bar
- Check visitor source ( referral, Direct, Social Media, Search engine ) and manage your visitor
- Promotion offer on web page which have high bounce rate.
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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by raysaj »

interesting words of encouragement here...i would concentrate on ensuring the user does not bounce off withint 3 secounds.....

so to ensure there is enough to gauge their interest for over 3 minutes...have a call to action in a visual sense and back it up with words......

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by william1 »

Bounce rate is the biggest enemy of the website. You should have Clean and easily accessible Navigation on the website. Avoid the content on the website which take to much time to load

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by Hmy12 »

Avoid the flash and other similar thing which increase the loading time
Use simple and easy navigation.

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Re: Bounce Rate

Post by justinthomsony »

Low and decreased bounce rate shows the quality of your site. Updated and unique content is one of most important feature for that. We should also consider the navigation feature, website design, page loading feature and higher relevancy to decrease bounce rate of our site.

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