How can I tell under what keywords?

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Re: How can I tell under what keywords?

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If your site is optimize and with meta tags, it depends on the keywords you are using. If it is not optimized and just a title in the html tags, the google would query the title of your site.

montyauto wrote:I have been trying to rank (google, yahoo, msn) for the a keywords my site no success yet.

However, I did put the site query in google and got a hit.

So it seems that google knows about my site, but under what keywords?
How can I tell?

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Post by ben_tambling »

-put targeted keywords in the content

-your keyword must be visible in titles and alt tags...

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You should make your keyword in easy word and try to make more than 20 keyword of you website in different words not in sentences format.

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I think you have to be specific with keywords. Because if you are selling your product or service.. analyize the keywords with your competitors. See how they are using it. Dont use competitive keywords, use specific keywords and use them in Tags, H1, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and your content.
Make sure you have idea how to use keyword density, Bold, Italics etc..


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Post by aira »

Analyze the over-all structure of your site then determine its theme and content so you could take out from the keywords or terms that best describes your site.

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install google analytics on your pages and also check out
In combination with analytics this can be a great tool to find out what keywords people used to find your site

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Re: How can I tell under what keywords?

Post by riyajindal »

Thankyou for sharing this useful information!

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