Google, Gates, or Yahoo ?

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So I wonder - who makes more money ?

Bill Gates
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Google, Gates, or Yahoo ?

Post by TexSurance.US »

Everyday people don't realize that the top engines are passive aggressively
making or breaking businesses and people from all trades of life.

Piss off Yahoo or Google & no one will ever find you again :twisted:

And we all know Gates has some money, but who would have thought
that Google or Yahoo would have that and all the power too ....

So I wonder - who makes more money - Google, Gates or Yahoo ?

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Post by cleanbrain »

People like to talk about the "competition" between Google and Microsoft, as though Google has a chance. I suppose that it's because we like to think that there are viable competitors against superpowers in any arena. Let's consider three points here:

1. Bill Gates has enough money to buy Google if he wants to.

2. Microsoft provides a suite of expensive products that are indispensible to hundreds of millions of people.

3. Google is a search engine.

This adds up to Microsoft and Google each making billions of dollars in separate industries, with Microsoft making more billions than Google.

Dane Laverty
CleanBrain Software, Inc.

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