New SEO tool and metasearch available

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New SEO tool and metasearch available

Post by sorand »

Try this search - it is really good stuff!

TripleMe.COM fetching you results from Yahoo, Google and MSN Live on one screen in three columns side by side, allowing users to quickly find relevant links for the search string they entered.

TripleMe Search Engine supports search requests in all languages, netting a global reach where users anywhere in the world can easily search top results for Google, Yahoo and MSN. In addition, users can also perform local and global searches; something not currently offered with other metasearch engines.

According to TripleMe users statistic data for 3 months, 40% of results found in the Google column, 31% of results found in the Yahoo column and 27% of results found in the MSN Live column.

3 in 1 solution is definitely the way of searching today.

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Post by Sonal »

Hi, Yes it is good. But i am little confused about this tool.

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Post by Ka-canor »

Thanks for sharing this tool to us but is this accurate?

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Post by aerosub »

Nice but what's the point of this kind of copycat website?

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Post by VladTepes »

Some improvement could make the tool much helpful. Like adding options like showing results more than 10.
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Post by Buzzman »

Hhmmm it only doesn't seem to work on the local markets yet, I am trying the Dutch results but it doesn't work..

moo baa
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Post by moo baa »

The UK tool doesn't seem that accurate the results are different than a manual individual search.

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Post by nsagent »

Thanks for sharing!
A great resource for Halifax Real Estate information.

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Post by Jordy23 »

It does not function yet for Belgium search

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Post by marlena »

There are many such websites like this ;)
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Post by Jordy23 »

Any better tools you know?

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