Rule of google ranking..?

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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by wsduniya »

Custom php sites or wordpress sites, which one is preferred more by google?

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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by akizenseo »

Today, In my opinion, Make all of SEO by trust is the Rule of Google.

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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by riyajindal »

Content is Still King. Content Quality
Backlinks. Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals in Google's search algorithm
Mobile First
Page Speed
Schema code
Brand Power and Social Signals
Domain Power

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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by Arpita »

Thankyou for sharing this useful information!

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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by jay22 »

Google has a list of algorithms that determine your website rank on the search result pages.
PANDA- checks content plagiarism, keyword stuffing etc
PENGUIN- controls spammy irrelevant links and over use of anchored text
HUMMING BIRD- scrutinizes again keyword stuffing and low quality content
PIGEON- analysis poor on page and off page SEO
MOBILEGEDDON- to examine mobile compatibility of the website
PIRATE- to prevent pirated content and high volume copyright
RANKBRAIN- allots a low rank in case of poor UX design and irrelevant content
POSSUM- inspects whether the NAP information is appropriate with the search( the closer your location is from where the search originated the more likely you will be shown in the result page)
FRED- avoids ad centered content
These are some of the main algorithms of google. In order to achieve a better position, you have to consider all of them while formation of you website and even after it is live.
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Re: Rule of google ranking..?

Post by ajarajmohanty »

The RULE OF GOOGLE RANKING mean preventing spam and increasing keyword in a right way...

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