Web Development Trends

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Web Development Trends

Post by RaghavKhanna57 »

What are the last trends that took place in web development in the year 2019?

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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by poonamshukla »

AI chatbots

Voice Search Optimization

Progressive Web App

Motion UI

Single Page Applications

Low Code Development
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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by sophiedooley90 »

Mobile app and Web Development Trends Are as

1. mobile friendly optimized pages
2. responsive design and development of web application
3.API integration design
4. UI AND UX mendatory
5.voice search features

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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by dianaadams »

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Chatbots
3. Voice Search Integration
4. Progressive Web Application
5. Blockchains
6. Google AMP

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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by KattyKate25 »

I think all trends below will have a considerable impact on the digital retail industry in 2019.

Machine learning and AI
These technologies are effective tools for satisfying customer demands, as they allow e-commerce websites to suggest products specially tailored to their requests.Machine learning and AI are being increasingly used by many businesses across the web.
Conversational user interfaces (chatbots)
They offer the possibility to communicate with a machine using a natural language. Chatbots give retailers the possibility to provide different content based on a buyer’s wishes in the form of a dialogue. As a result, they can find the desired product by asking different questions about customer tastes before proposing specific items.
Augmented Reality
It is changing the very way people interact with their surroundings. With the help of Augmented Reality technology, using a simple webcam you can try-before-you-buy and it is the crucial factor when it comes to making a final decision about products or services.

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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by aaleraza »

There are many web development trend in 2019 and increase day by day and most of the people contirbute its part and number of websites is like to impose on internet, but the people didnt dont about trends or what type of demand, what thing people wants so take a look on the trends of development :
1. Responsive websites
2. Progrrssive web apps
3. AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages
4. Voice search optimization.
5. API-first development.
6. Motion UI
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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by varnishakalra »

Latest web development trends are:-
1) Chatbots
2) UX/UI design
3) Google AMP
4) Voice Search Optimization.
5) Responsive websites

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Re: Web Development Trends

Post by james1bondela2 »

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