adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

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adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by haiwasnm »

hi all , just want to make sure , adsense & clicksor & adbrite SAME PAGE it ok . I'm worry maybe adsense account got banned .

Please give some advice , thanks .

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Post by chathura »

I use adsense and adbrite on same pages. But still i haven't face any problem. I think now google adsense allow other network ads on same page.
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Post by joduee »

May be. or may not. I know that its not means that you use many ads on your site and adsense will bann. no. you can use if you have space. but don't use near near near ads. keep block different between ads. I don't know about clicksor.
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Post by Jrafique »

Dont worry about it because it is not against google adsense terms and conditions. But keep on thing in mind in this regard that google says that there should be a proper differentiation between other ads. So you should use some other color for adbrite etc.

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Tempermental Sites

Post by JobsWages »

To get a definite answer you have to ask them.

If you don't want them to know who are then email them with a different email address.

Just because one site does it does not mean that you can do it.

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Post by mdamin76 »

As long as those 2 ads does not similar to adsense ads, it's allowed.

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Post by dee_el07 »

@mdamin76, agree with you.
haiwasnm, make image for google adsense ads while the other one is content ads.

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Post by Harmain »

sure you can be banned without any other struggle to be banned. because adsense forbids to keep any other ads with adsense on same page so it can be dangerous for you anytime.

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Re: adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by hayden459 »

No, earlier adsense have some problem in advertising on the page which already have other advertiser but now there is no problem. I am using two ads provider along with adsense and there is no problem.

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Re: adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by Marissa »

If you ask either of them, they will say that you can use both in one page but you can't display them both at the same time... I assume that they say this because they are competitors.
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Re: adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by forball100 »

Thank for sharing :)

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Re: adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by Doets1962 »

it is a for china, so its very limited. if you want to target the market of china then you should go for baidu.

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Re: adsense & clicksor & adbrite put in same page?

Post by ajarajmohanty »

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