Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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There is a very slim margin between an attractive website and a practical website. Unfortunately in most cases flash animation is involved in the design of an attractive website, and the reason I say unfortunately is because regardless of how majestic and glamorous a flash site looks; the odds against it are way too many.

But let’s talk about beauty and usability. It is always a fact that your eyes are the first to be hit by the sun’s light. Then comes the information that goes to your brain and is I am not mistaken it should be like this; uhhh pretty, ouch my eyes burn!

My point is this; you need to have a decent website, a website that has been designed with a touch of professionalism and some eye candy to make your client understand that he is dealing with a professional business. I few images here and nicely designed graphics to illustrate the content of your website. But with out over doing it because what really matters is what comes next; the content. People some how got to your website and most surely they are in search of something that you can provide. Your mission is to make that service or product reachable to your visitor as easy as possible. Don’t make your website complicated and full of gizmos and animation, do you want to sell or do you want to entertain your visitors for a few minutes until they decide it’s time to move on to another website?

You need to design a website that gets to the point. So attractive websites are good, but don’t over do it, you need your visitor to become a customer and in order to accomplish that he need to find what he was looking for right away.
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Re: Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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Re: Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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thanks for sharing the the information dude:)



Re: Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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When designing a new site, trying to already look proclaims service we offer on the site. Minimal use of well designed graphical detail and well organized site make navigation clear and easy to use for visitors.

I think that demanding graphics or flash can be useful for advertising, design or artistic ability, for fun or learning, but not for serious business sites, if you want a quick response page and satisfied customers ...

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Re: Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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Simple and fast-loading websites are better than Flash-only sites. Design your sites with search engines in mind. Think of how Google bots will crawl your page.. Will it be easy or will you give them a hard time???

All the bell and whistles that you implement on your sites will become useless when search engines bots can't read your site's content. They can't index your pages if they can't read anything.
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Re: Web Design of Attractive or Practical Websites?

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I think the advantages of simple web design are not thought about enough. Consumers do not want to be confused by over complicated design and navigation. You need a site that is easy to use - Loading times is also an important issue to the success of a site.

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