Is this the sandbox?

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Is this the sandbox?

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:? Hello
I am some what new to SEO and google optimization, could somebody please explain to me why my site and links do not show up in google link searches unless I add a space between the command and the search target? :?: Did I miss something in my haste to learn about SEO techniques?

Take a look at my site. I have seen this happen with other sites that claim to be in a sandbox, while searching for answers in other forums only to find that they are listed with a space added infront of the target search.

When I search using the following google says I have no link popularity ( :( Boo Hoo no friends) ... tnG=Search

Now try adding the space between link: and the search target in this case ... tnG=Search

Google says I have 42 links ( :D Hoorrrray friends)

(Moderator if these url posts are considered inapproriate please remove)

I have noticed this happen while using as well. 0 google link popularity then add the space and google shows the links.

Again, I ask the question, could somebody please explain this to me or direct me to a location that explains this? Is this a google anomoly? Does google affect keyword searches in the same way?

Thanks in advance

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Yes that is right. SERPs depend on too many factors actually. They usually love to display sites with high backlinks. That is my opinion.

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