In and out of Yahoo search engine?

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John Smith
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In and out of Yahoo search engine?

Post by John Smith »

I have put up a new site and sent it off Yahoo.
Two weeks and I was pleased to see it was top on the search words Where to stay in Paris, same for Barcelona and in the top 4 for, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain.
Then two hours later they had all gone from the search engine and I was looking at the old search page again, two hours later they were all back, but this morning it is back to its old search page.
Can anybody explain why?


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Post by viradian »

This seems to have happened to me as well. I put registered my site in January. Within a week, about 5 of my pages were indexed. It stood like that for about 2 months, then 24 pages were indexed.

A week later, 6 more pages were indexed. Then 2 weeks ago, all my pages were gone except my home page...Yahoo can be so frustrating.

Is there a way to just stay in the index, or doe this happen, where they take you in and out? :roll:

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Post by snazzycat »

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Post by herbalcures »

This is happening because search engines use different data centers and currently they are going through an update thats why you are having this problem. Just wait for 2-3 days and it will show you its new listings.
What is the mean no Data Center?
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Post by anxietyguide »

Data centers are servers which is store data for google search result.
ex: , etc
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Post by manmachine »

check ither if you forgot to close some tag or something when you updated code. Im not sure if Yahoo have updated there algorithms lately if so try to find out what you could optimize cause obviously you can get good rankings already..
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Post by mdamin76 »

It could possibly due to data center. Sometimes results may come up from one data center, and an hour after that, it'll show results from other data center.

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Post by ferrdoggsmd »

I have ran into the same problem with a couple of my sites, what to do about it, I have no Idea.
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Post by rayter »

Ranking fluctuation is normal. Yahoo, like Google, has different data centers. The ranking results differ depending on geographic location. That's the main reason for that.

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