Problem with yahoo

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Problem with yahoo

Post by arnold »

Hi guys,

My website is ranking at top ten on google and msn for my targeted keywords.But not on yahoo. what should we do to bring it on yahoo also.
Any help will be highly appriciated
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Post by articlemaster »

Try to submit your site to yahoo and also submit your site map.
Hope this helps you to get indexed in yahoo.

Have you already submitted it??

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Post by rayter »

Before anything else, check first if your site has been crawled by Yahoo SE. If not, submit your site. Unlike Google, Yahoo loves onpage factors than BLs. Put unique contents to your site to get a good ranking in Yahoo.

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Post by avoid-debt »

article master is right !
i think he didn't submit yet !
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Post by Bernie01 »

i did no encounter yet.

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Post by x3mario »

Check your on-page optimization also. Yahoo is more on on-page.

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Post by Bestone »

hello have you submit your site and site map to yahoo or not???? if not then submit it.
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Post by myndconsulting »

Yahoo! takes time to index... use blogs for faster indexing... use the blog and ping technique on Yahoo!

Look it up...

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Post by mdamin76 »

Age of the site plays as one of the key to ranking in Yahoo.

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