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Post by VladTepes »

hi mate,

welcome to the board and you better first read and follow rules, you should post this on SEO section...

btw, try offshore SEO services, highly competitive yet works professional
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Post by easycash81 »

U can try is expensive but very sffective but if u have a small budged try to look out for directories
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Post by vietnamimpressive »

or just try but seems it is so expensive.

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Post by neilb »

The best thing to do is firstly decide on your budget. Are you looking to pay a 1 off fee for the seo setup e.g meta etc or are you looking for a monthly contract to maintain the seo on the site. (mostly depends on how hands on you want to be).

Then go to google and search for the services you require e.g. 'search engine optimisation' or 'pay per click management' etc. (if you search pay per click management you should focus on the sponsored listings). You should do this because you only want to deal with companies that are at the top of their game. If they cant get themselves to the top of the search engines or create compelling ppc ads for them selves, they prob wont be able to do it for you.

Then just work your way down the companies getting quotes and chatting to them.

DO NOT let your self be rail roaded into paying more than you had budgeted for, or into signing a long maintenance contract. You shouldn't have to pay any large sums of money up front either.

Hope this helps a little?

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Post by weblaunchphxx »

You can check this one for better SEO services.

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Post by mytechlogic »

weblaunchphxx wrote:You can check this one for better SEO services.
I've heard about that place but they seem untrustworthy.

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Post by egbforums »

Hi There!

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Post by Harrymurad »

Visit for best SEO service
M using the same for my site this

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Re: SEO work

Post by nairbuoyevoli »

mythaicupid wrote:Hi, my name is Michael and i'm looking for some legit SEO work to be done. Please PM me ASAP so that we can get started. I want to get to the top of google as quickly as possible.

Also, has anyone any luck using Article Exchanges? I've just heard about them.


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Post by nairbuoyevoli »

innovation wrote:Regarding to your post, my suggestion is to look out for some reputed SEO firms or experts who will be a bit expensive but provide guaranteed results.
rignt, take some company back ground..

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