No yahoo visits

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No yahoo visits

Post by lazaraus »

Well,i have a ton of inbound relevant links and am rewarded by several hundred google visits every day;and a handful of visits from MSN and AOL;but not ONE visitor from Yahoo!!!it's driving me nuts;this is an 18 month old story;Yahoo Slurp visits once or twice a day and that's it;it's frustrating;can someone tell me how to get Yahoo to send visitors to my website.

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Post by TexSurance.US »

Damn... What ?

- Damn... Damn... Damn...

Bro you have several hundred hits Now ?

1) keep learning and contributing here - that's # 1,

2) Urg... Yahoo can be difficult, keep trying you will succeed w/ Yahoo...

3) Take your traffic and focus, allocate some of your time to turning hits to $.

- Define your users experiance: who what where when and why's.
- redefine your users experiance so to turn those hits to $...

Sounds like your Ripe for this move.

- offer incentives,
- make time sensitive offers, etc.
- this board is a really good place to learn more aboout that.

Good Luck...

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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by probafix »

Google is easy to use and its all services are free to use..
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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by juicy couture »

If so,I prefer google,it is easy to use and the things are free for us.
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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by ursimrankhanna »

try yahoo answers for visits.

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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by jupiterpitter »

Google is best not yahoo it service is not good and yahoo is very expensive and google provide us free service and fast search and on yahoo there is no traffic every one is using google so no one is visiting yahoo.
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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by Jessica2 »

I stopped. No one worthwhile in them. I'd go to a stock chatroom to find info on a stock. All I got were SPAM websites and spambots.

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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by mintdesignnz »

you need to rank well in yahoo so that you'll have more visitors. its takes a long time to get a decent rank in yahoo.. focus on building more links and optimizing your page content.
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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by cfoo »

Give yahoo time.

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Re: No yahoo visits

Post by mrandrei »

Yahoo drives me nuts as well. Its algorithm is puzzling. I've tried submitting a site to Yahoo directory but it's never included.

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