why iam not on yahoo

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why iam not on yahoo

Post by sonali »


I had one website http://www.desiclassifieds.com.

Googl shows my website on 4 th page,

Why iam not getting on yahoo search engine

and how can get top postion on google and yahoo.

Pls help me any one

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Post by valentino »

Ans it takes time many people wait months but other are very lucky and only wait days.


Post by wmseo2 »

Yahoo puzzles me...

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Post by TexSurance.US »

mdvaldosta wrote:Yahoo puzzles me...
Yahoo gives me gas...

And with the hot head I get from trying to get listed on yahoo, somewhere, anywhere on yahoo, well, you might just say it's an explosive predicament... :twisted:

seems like Yahoo doesn't like any of the domains I promote - what'd I do ? :shock: I guess I'm doing it wrong. wish i knew what it was ...

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Post by cybernac »

Yahoo Answers can help get your site in the Yahoo Search. True, the links are NO FOLLOW but Yahoo does use the results in there SERPS so it can't hurt!

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Post by VladTepes »

It takes time and effort to get on top. Did you asked your self if your strategies are effective? Did you compare your site with those who are on top of the rank for your keyword? The idea there is to make your contents more informative and more interesting for the topic more than any site our there, and getting strong backlinks and not "just to get backlinks" will surely bring your site on top.
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Lewis Plaster
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Post by Lewis Plaster »

I think you have to some Yahoo friendly link building :p.,
Does Yahoo cached your site? Check backlinks of your competirors on yahoo and try to get links from the places where your competitors are having the links, that really works with yahoo :p, I followed such method to one of my site, it works a lot with yahoo :p
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Post by rayter »

I think Yahoo gives more weight to onpage factors than backlinks. It has a different algo. Put quality contents in your site to get a good ranking in Yahoo.

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Post by dylan55 »

You don't appear on Yahoo because you doesn't optimized well your site at yahoo. Maybe you always target Google than Yahoo. :lol:

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Post by spika »

more and more backlinks and more and more backlinks with High PR
Keep updating your site, 1 page daily.
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kim robin
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Post by kim robin »

Its easy to get rank on yahoo because yahoo credits nofollow and dofollow links while google focused on dofollow links only so it is much harder to get rank on google. If you already know all strategies of link building just keep on doing it.

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Post by 1-stopservice »

For me Yahoo is always slow. I am doing the same kind of procedure for both Yahoo and google

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Post by workinghealth »

Yahoo is allways a little slower than google. IMO anyway. Give it time. Patience.

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Re: why iam not on yahoo

Post by shakir »

sonali wrote:hi,

I had one website http://www.desiclassifieds.com.

Googl shows my website on 4 th page,

Why iam not getting on yahoo search engine

and how can get top postion on google and yahoo.

Pls help me any one
Yahoo taking time to rank and alog is differ from Google.. try to join in yahoo webmaster tool and check the status

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Post by alex247 »

It is not with the fault of Yahooas it is slow on caching a web page. Teir algorithm gives imporatnce to age of web site and onsite optimization with the back link factors. Yahoo is not just back link based one...the reason is yahoo don't have a program to calculate worthless links by marking nofollow. It itself says yahoo needs some thing else too.

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