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google ranking for website

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Just wondering how I can optimize my site ( to get a good ranking on google. I have heard of meta tags and other such devices but have no idea how they work.

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You can check the factors that you need to optimise in this post. There's a complete list of factors posted by the admin:

Once you have actual contents you may be able to have a review of the site in this forum. Up to then there's very little more that can be said.

BTW, I wouldn't post my domain anywhere before having contents on the website. If Google follows one of the links that you're posting and spider your page will see a site under construction, and you're actual site will take longer to be indexed once built.

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The question you asked is big, you need to learn seo, that's it. I and no one else will teach you how inside a forum post.

There are many free and paid ebooks or even free articles to start learning and start applying what you learn, that's important so you see and learn from your experience as well at the same time...

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That is a very general question and one that is hard to answer in a forum.

There is much more to SEO than meta tags and you really need to decide if you are willing to try and learn how to go about doing this for yourself or hire a professional.

There is a lot of information on the net to empower individuals to try and do it themselves, but some of it will lead you on wild goose chases and other things may just have you sitting and scratching your head. It can be done, but be prepared for a lot of hard work.

You first really need to decide whether to do it yourself or not...



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Better start checking current rules, tips and guidelines in optimizing site, Google has one, check it out:
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Meta teg dont even count any more!
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I wouldn't post my domain anywhere before having contents on the website.
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Send me your email adress and I will send an optimisation report over to you later today...



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meanmachine29 wrote:Meta teg dont even count any more!
I totally disagree. Meta tags still weighs in search engine rankings. :D Here is a link for you to understand how to optimize your meta tags h**p://
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Neat site, I suggest to have more section and some couple of sentences about your site. Use some keyword emphasizing tags like h1, h2, strong, etc. On link building, start with social bookmarking...
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In short- rich text, lots of lots of backlinks, also backlinks to inner pages.
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You can analysis best keywords, do on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

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It will be better that you should start from

there you will find all factor regarding seo

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try to read SEO Book
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Good ranking for a site is too general a term unless your site if fully optimised for all the relevant keywords. My advice is start with a few vital keyword, and start building backlinks based on that keyword.
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