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Website Loading time...

Post by lizr123 »

How to decrease the website loading time? Please share the ways you all use to reduce it.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by webappe »

you need to reduce the size of your images, use less java script and div tags

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by yogeshmach »

In order to understand why having a fast website is important, check out these statistics. Having a fast website is extremely crucial for staying alive in the modern era of web design.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by MarkJackson »

To decrease the loading time of websites one need not to use heavy elements like videos, animations, high resolution images and use own designed template to design the website.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by Sullivan »

website loading time depends on several things. Your website make of i.e stuffs your website having.
If your website having flash and or high pixels images then it takes time to fully load. Computer system speed also factors website loading time and your internet speed also. All these should be optimized well in order to load website faster.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by wearegood »

Decrease the scripts and videos in website
see a clear world with scriptglasses

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by AlbertBarkley »

You may reduce the size of images, javascript and div.. Meanwhile also do not use 3rd party content, images or anything else.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by SeanHite »

The best way to reduce the performance time of the website is to avoid usage of heavy elements like HD videos, images, minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript and use CSS and JavaScript external files which surely optimize the speed of the website.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by scrumtraining »

1.Analyze W3C standard and Load time regulary
Maintain an error free site and modify it frequently. Never forget to check and examine W3C standard and load time for your site. If anything goes wrong then take action immediately.

2.Use a backslash at the end of the link

3.Minify your javascript

4.Minify your CSS stylesheets

5.Define height and width of images,put alt tags for images

6.Websites having simple layouts load much faster
Don’t ever try to give unnecessary look to your site go with simpler design. Websites having simple layouts load much faster.

7.Optimize all large files-Flash files (swf), videos, large scripts etc, they should be optimized

8.Choose correct format for images
When we talk about web pages then we need web friendly formats and JPEG, PNG and GIF are our best options

9.Focus on Content Area
If your website has larger content area for text then you can say that it will take less time to load.In case if you have too much content then it is also a problem to put whole content in a single page. So categorize your pages and interlink them if needed. It will reduce content load on unique pages by distributing the load.

10.HTML Code Optimization
Make sure that your website doesn’t have any broken links and unnecessary tags.

11.Minimize the amount of redirects

12.Combine javascript files into one file to reduce http requests

13.Compress your webpages using GZIP

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by QuintonLee »

To improve performance of our site we need to avoid the usage of heavy objects like HD videos, high resolution images, unwanted text etc. and try to make the site simple but professional.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by JasonBorder »

I think this is a very important feature which we need to improve, because if website will take a long time to load then it will increase bounce rate for that website.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by omwebtechnologies »

1) Call JS File just before body closing tag
2) Minfied your CSS and JS Files
3) Use CSS Sprites

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by EmilyPete »

Implement AMP
Minify Code
Hopefully, After performing this two task, your website will load fast.

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by EmmaMckay »

1. Minimize HTTP Requests
2. Reduce server response time
3. Enable compression
4. Enable browser caching
5. Minify Resources
6. Optimize images
7. Optimize CSS Delivery
8. Prioritize above-the-fold content
9. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
10. Reduce redirects
11. Code Minify
12. AMP

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Re: Website Loading time...

Post by chris26 »

Easy way to decrease website loading time and bandwidth used on hosting is to use thumbnails or small images of larger photos and even image of a video. Then have the large images or videos on another website page not first page so it loads website faster and uses less of you website hosting when someone comes to your website.

If your website takes too long to load people will leave your site. Keep javascript and video and large images off the first page of your website . Make sure to keep best content above the fold so people see that and want to stay on your website.
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