Google panda.

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Google panda.

Post by mhutch »

Can anyone give me a little more detail on google panda and what I should avoid from now on when I'm looking for back links.

Thank you.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by john345 »

Google panda update was first launched in Feb. 2011 and this update is about Content spamming, content duplicity. You have to use quality and relevant content to your websites to avoid this type of updates.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by anjalikaps »

Google is updating panda on regular basis and is getting more and more strict on quality and refresh content. So it is really an important to pay more attention towards the quality and refreshing content.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by submit »

It is mainly looking at content issues, such as duplicate content stolen from other sites and also if the site contains too many keywords and is over optimized. It is now part of the regular algorithm, so it does not run every so often like before.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by Robin »

Google Panda is a change to Google's search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites",[1] and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in Google Panda and Penguin Age such as

Generating too Many Links using the Same Anchor Text
Buying Links
Doing Massive Link Exchange
Ignoring Social Media Links
Using Cheap Services like Fiverr for Bulk Link Building
Submitting your Website or Content on Panda Hit Websites
Building Sitewide Links

The above listed should avoid from now on when I'm looking for back links.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by hilljason »

Basically there are two important updates of Google. First is Google panda, Google penguin. Google panda is basically related to content of site. Your site must have good quality content otherwise Google can penalized your site.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by linateen75 »

Google Panda

One of a Google algorithm system, to change the Website search results on search engines. In particular, the low-quality sites will be reduced her rank in search results and high quality website will be pushed upward. Based on the evaluation measures of quality content websites such as design, speed, reliability, etc. ..

When the new Google Panda update is issued and Google has received hundreds of thousands of email complaints from the website about them is affected by changes in the search results. They explained that all are to lead to beneficial results for the user and gave 23 points to assess the quality of a website.

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Re: Google panda.

Post by TanyaShree89 »

Here are some of the factors about Google Panda, which I believe Google Panda well penalized:
• Low quality content: Too short, Not well researched.
• High bounce rate
• Poor Grammar (Still working on it) Sigh!
• Ad/content ratio
• Too many broken links (404 links)
• Less CTR from Search engine (Poor meta title, weak meta description)

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