How important is MSN ?

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How important is MSN ?

Post by TexSurance.US »

Ok Seriously,

Is the MSN network something to be wrried about,
I mean, isn't focusing on google and yahoo enough ?


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Post by TexSurance.US »

Actually, let me make a retraction.

MSN is Great.

That have always been really excellent about fast listings.

But there are some damn many wanna be engines,

I wonder if they are worth their weight in air ?

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on MSN...

Post by train »

I have been amazed with MSN and my sites search rankings on it... much faster and easier than the others.

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Post by etech-racheal »

As compared to Google & Yahoo, MSN is small but it gives best results.

MSN gives good quality links.
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Post by ChristmannCreative »

Most of my enquiries come in from Google searches even though I've disappeared in ranking for my optimised key phrase.

I'm no.1 in MSN for that phrase but hardly ever see an enquiry come in from it!?
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Post by zbezovski »

In my case I get the highest traffic from MSN.
MSN doesn’t have sand box. Since you are indexed you can get high position.
That is not the case with Google and its famous sandbox phenomenon.
I am indexed but rank very poorly.
And Yahoo is the worst case. I am not yet indexed in period of five months

Conclusion: MSN is the best for the beginners like me

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Post by coolzs »

Current MSN probably is not so important as many would think. Traffic from MSN is very low compared to yahoo or google.

But Bill Gates and Micorsoft seems to hammer Google soon. If they are serious enough, they can do a lot like they did to netscape. So in the future, MSN can be better than yahoo and google. I guess we'll see that.
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Post by findinforums »

msn is much easier to rank in than google, but it's traffic is usually much less than from google.
With the release of Windows msn ( will probably gain more traffic.

Also i think we should pay more attention to Bill who promised to fight google :)

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

You never know what traffic will come from MSN. I get a lot of traffic from that search engine by natural searches. i wouldnt spend any advertising money there but it doesnt hurt to market your website to them. Bill Gates has the power to fight google and I think he will take the time to do it considering if done properly, he can make even more money and Bill likes that! Dont leave out search engines like MSN, they are still one of the majors!

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Post by oksana »

MSN gave me a good traffic but this month not. I can't understand why? I promote my site only by honest ways. But I think it is temporary, because a good content wins always


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Post by Adtepshlee »

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Post by anxietyguide »

I never think about MSN. GOOGLE is the Giant in search engines.
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Post by aconstas1 »

I dont think MSN will overtake google. Google is a craze right now. Since Bill Gates has retired from Microsoft, MSN i dont think will try to do such a massive campaign to overtake Google. However, anything is possible, but currently If you do well in Google, most likely you'll do well in the others.
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