Any tools to monitor my keywords

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Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by nicolas »


I am just starting to work on my new website, a reservation system for cooking schools.

I am new into all this (SEO).
I am looking for a free tool which can tell me how my site ranks in google, yahoo and msn for the keywords I am looking for.

I am using this tool right now :

But I have to enter manually the keywords and I dont have any history over the days, weeks or months.

Any tips ?

Thank You


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Post by ben_tambling »

^ agree! if you really want an accurate results,, do manual searchings... usually,, this tools are used if you have a lot of targeted keywords... :)

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Post by directfuture »

SEO Book is a very, very bad tool for being accurate, I learnt the hard way and found out.

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Post by weblaunchphxx »

Yes i also do manual checking by this we can get accurate result.

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Post by Ka-canor »

If you want fast and also use for Google.

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Post by alvis »

Manual searching is better. but if you want to use any tool u can tool form seoadministrator. i think this tool gives better result.

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Re: Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by riyajindal »

You can check on Keyword Planner and Google trends.

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Re: Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by Lummu »

I know that the best tool is Ahrefs, but its paid version is too expensive for me

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Re: Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by akizenseo »

In my point of view you can used Seopowersuite for keywords of monitor.

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Re: Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by mohitpoddar »

I would suggest to monitor your keywords on google ads using keyword planner.
For more information check my blog on how to do keyword research on google ads using keyword planner... ... d-content/

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Re: Any tools to monitor my keywords

Post by ajarajmohanty »

I am suggesting u only the google keyword planner...

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