New website What do i need to do?

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New website What do i need to do?

Post by PnrmThink »

Hi I have a website which is still in the design process, right now if you were to visit the site it says "Under Construction". Is there anything i can do in the mean time in order to get the ball rolling, i have listed it on google and when you type it into google, e.g, it shows up. Can i still get it listed on directories even though it has no content right now?

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Website review

Post by peterko »

Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea to advertise a website with only "Under Construction" on it.

You probably know already what your site is all about, so you could provide visitors with at least some content (no matter it's short). Let your site to improve its ranking with search engines. Then you will update the site with the new content, when you have it. It's even better to show SEs that your site is alive and you are working on it. SEs like it. The only thing, make sure your site tags <title>, <description>, <keywords> and your content match each other.

Of course, you can keep submitting your site link to the directories, but I'm not sure it you will get benefits of doing that. If the search engines notice wrong content or no content at all, they might penalize the site. IMO

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Post by stevewaganer »

It's not good to submit a site which is under construction. first you have to complete your site and then start submission so that you can get ranking as well as visitors.

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Post by Haz9119 »

My site is new and it is . i used the dashes (-) because I was told that it is good to separate the keywords with dashes but I was it bad if I purchase a new domain and link the name servers to the same name servers as the other site?? I heard htaccess files are another way any ideas??


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Post by x3mario »

I agree with peter. It's not good to launched a site that is still in contruction process. I don't think it can help your site.

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Post by zeruel »

It will be waste of time if you plan to submit it to directories or promote it. You still need to have a content for your visitors.

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Post by delhiseo »

No one will approve your website. Wait for some times when website is ready then start link building.

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Post by x3mario »

You are not only wasting your time but money as well for the advertisement.

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Post by chizarium »

take 15 minutes and write 300-400 words of content on what your site will be about, and then throw in somewhere that its under construction

this way you get your site indexed by the search engines and the ball starts rolling

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Post by beautybeverlyhills »

No..You need to have stable website first before promoting your website or submitting it on directories etc.

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Post by dee_el07 »

Most of the directories are now moderated. How on earth can mods will going to approved your site if it has no content?!

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Post by PlasticSurgeon »

You can start posting on forums and after your site is online , you can change your signature to link to it .

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Post by martha4m »

Instead of adding "Under Construction" you can add "Coming Soon..."

That would be good enough.

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Post by my_misyel »

Oh still under construction? You already wasted a lot of opportunities like traffic, visitors, etc. Yeah, you can include these metas on your website but make sure you'll be back to inform that your site is already working. Maybe you can put a "specific announcement" like stating when it'll be available. :D

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