Anyone tried cuil recently?

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Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby antienergy243 » Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:03 am

I tried cuil the first day it came out and found it... well, to be blunt, not incredibly great. It didn't find much of anything I searched for, sometimes saying there were no results for incredibly common things like "ship" or showing ludicrously unrelated pages. I wondered if they were doing any better now so I gave it a few example queries to see what would pop up and compared it to google.

= cuil gave me the American Cockatiel Society,, and a couple other cockatiel related sites. However, one of the pictures shows an African Grey parrot next to the ACS website!
google gave me similar sites, plus the wikipedia entry on cockatiels. Google loves the wikipedia. The only picture it showed was of a cockatiel singing the legend of zelda theme song (strange, but relevant).

= Both sites gave me links to and a bunch of the subsections, like apple and politics. However, google also gave me the wikipedia link.

angel unix catharsis minimalist = This deliberately nonsensical list of words brought back no results on cuil, but 629 on google. Some of them even made some sort of sense, e.g. "minimalist fonts by Angel".

So it looks like google is still better than cuil, IMHO. Any thoughts?

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Postby YooHee » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:03 am


what's that sir?

never hear about that....
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Postby wchua24 » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:18 pm

YooHee wrote:CUIL?

what's that sir?

never hear about that....

me to..never heard

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Postby Spyassociates » Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:23 pm

I never tried for cuil

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Postby angelinalove » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:25 am

Cuil is a search engine that I have heard but never tried for it.

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Postby mluther » Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:39 am

I checked it out. Results not even comparable with G or Y. Just neglected it. But have to appreciate the efforts of those guys.

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Postby therence » Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:37 am

YooHee wrote:CUIL?

what's that sir?

never hear about that....

Me too. Is that a new social network site or something? Its kinda new to me...Whats with that one? - Mask IP, protect your privacy and cover your tracks!

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Postby avoid-debt » Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:33 am

wchua24 wrote:
YooHee wrote:CUIL?

what's that sir?

never hear about that....

me to..never heard

me to i never heard that CUIL !

but i view it. Its a searh engine

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Postby mdamin76 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:05 pm

Cuil is not that competitive to google, yahoo and msn, but it has potential of going further. Look at it's PR.

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Engropose47 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:17 am

Nice things have been mentioned and I am glad to be the aprt of it.

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Doets1962 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:23 am

there are too many search engines today..everyday theres new search engines. Anyway...Google, yahoo and Msn are the most popular search engines.

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Priny1974 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:23 am

based on the application of the user best search engines will found..but mostly google is the best search engine...

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Vishatrove1977 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:09 am

Well, to get more traffic, create a more unique and attractive site content to invite more visitors to view your site. In that way, you can generate more site traffic.

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Whounner88 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:28 am

You can also promote your happenings(events)on and get maximum local audience and its totally free.

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Re: Anyone tried cuil recently?

Postby Thef1935 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:38 am

You need Google analytics for tracking your traffic. Google webmaster tools for tracking your keywords. And Yahoo site Explorer to track links back to your site as Google does like to provide this info in a reliable manner.

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