strange things happening to my blog

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strange things happening to my blog

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In order to keep track of stats of my blogger blog I have been using histats. histats and another similar site are showing one viewer almost always browsing one single page of my site. the viewer is from Menlo Park, California. I know google has their office in Menlo Park. but why would anyone keep reading a single page for two days? When I tried to track the IP, I found out it was from a famous coffee shop there. I find this strange.

I cannot understand another riddle. While google stats show 40 pageviews, histats show many more. I tried to understand what really was taking place. So I viewed my site and histats was showing it. As soon as I was off, histats showed the real stat.

Could any of my good friends on this forum suggest what actually is happening and why?

Advanced thanks.

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