Private Network Now Accepting New Power Affiliates

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Private Network Now Accepting New Power Affiliates

Postby p3rf0rmdotcom » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:56 pm

Hello, just wanted to let everyone on here know that Performance Media is no longer in beta and we are actively recruiting affiliates. We have over 200 directly brokered offers, customized landing pages, and specialize in CAREER, EDU, and DATING related traffic.

We also offer 20% rev share for referrals and profit sharing for our top affiliates.

We invite you to come check us out

Make sure to mention the forum on your application so you get approved immediately. Oh and YES WE HAVE WEEKLY PAYMENTS! Thanks alot, Performance Media Interactive. FOR THE NEXT 100 AFFILIATES that join and earn at least $20 within 7 days, we will give you a FREE guide on how to INBOX 300,000 emails per month for only $5 in costs. Our top affiliates are using this same technique to earn thousands of dollars. Totally scaleable too. You can send millions of emails per month with this method at the cost of only $5 per SMTP server plus $3-5 dollars per each unique domain. Considering other services cost hundreds to send that many emails and often don't even inbox - this is a STEAL.

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