TOP 10 SEO Tips

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TOP 10 SEO Tips

Post by edtechguide »

These top 10 SEO tips are tested and proven by me... hope it could help you too..

1. Make titles of every blog post unique.
2. Use noindex and nofollow tags to disallow crawling of tag pages and duplicated entries.
3. Make excerpt of your blog posts and try to link them from your homepage.
4. Remove unnecessary and irrelevant links from your blog.
5. Blog and start commenting consistently during this time.
6. Create a good XML sitemap for your blog and submit it to google.
7. Write a superb blog post taking into consideration the SEO factor with the aim of getting more and more backlinks.
8. Create backlink to every possible posts from a relevant keyword.
9. Find broken links and resolve them using webmaster tools
10. Try to get some one-way incoming links. I would suggest you to write some articles and submit article directories for the purpose.

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Post by Jrafique »

Thanks for your post. There was nothing special but still helpful for New Born SEO.

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Post by mwya »

very good tips but there are alot of thing you can do and something you must avoid to get better rank in search engines
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Post by sharon.gmc »

Can you explicate #2 and #6? How are going to do that? Thank you for the help. Maybe you can give me a link to a good article. I am looking for a good article in the internet but all of them are not complete. . .

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Post by exel »

Nice tips thank you for posting and also important tips in SEO is discover your competitors..

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Post by edtechguide »


here are my 5 top list of article submission.. hope it could help.., Page Rank: 6, Alexa Rank: 333, Page Rank: 6, Alexa Rank: 42,902, Page Rank: 4, Alexa Rank: 42,147, Page Rank: 4, Alexa Rank: 41,411, Page Rank: 3, Alexa Rank: 18,786

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Post by meanne2007 »

edtechguide wrote:@sharon.gmc

here are my 5 top list of article submission.. hope it could help.., Page Rank: 6, Alexa Rank: 333, Page Rank: 6, Alexa Rank: 42,902, Page Rank: 4, Alexa Rank: 42,147, Page Rank: 4, Alexa Rank: 41,411, Page Rank: 3, Alexa Rank: 18,786
thanks for posting this one. :)

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Post by realistic »

Hi Friend,

Here I am new member.

Read your all suggested tips.

And Thank You Very Much for sharing.

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Post by ariyes »

Thanks for your nice tips

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Post by Sandisells »

I printed out the list and pinned it to my wall.


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Post by dzinestand »

Nice tips. Thanks For Sharing tips

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Post by suzzii »

Hi friends,

Here are few good tips i read on another forum

1. Put your site in Web Directories, those are just like phonebooks but with use to your website. Find ones that have good PR( Pagerank from 0-10) like PR 3+ and if your site is indexed your PR will increase.

2. Get lots of backlinks, this is a nice way to go. Basically if you post a lot on a forum and put a link on your signature you should get some backlinks depending on how many posts you get.

3. Try to buy links on high PR sites.

4. Submit to multiple search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Altavista.

5. Use the Google Webmaster My Site program, and add your site to it. Then create a sitemap and they will Index your site on Google Search engine.

6. Learn how to use Link exchanges. This will get you some traffic.

7. Send messages to friends or people you know, this will get lots of traffic. Most of your friends will love to join your site.

8. You need to do lots of advertising. To do this get a text link or make a small banner. Then pay people to put it up on there site, or even trade posts for advertising.

9. A good way to get a link without any money on someone's site is to maybe post 50 on there forum, then ask for a link on there footer. In a month or so, you will see this paid off, because youre site may have an extra quality direct link and will be indexed in search engines.

10. Find something interesting, and put it on your site. For my site I have news updates on the homepage on interesting topics such as snake venom to top money makers. This draws attention.

11. Get loads of fresh content. Google loves this. What I mean by this is to just update your site, make changes and improve a lot!

12. Have a nice theme, people don't like regular plain themes, but colorful ones such as the subsilver theme for phpBB is dull but the subblack theme is better.

13. Keep to your site, and don't just throw it off. This will site that you don't care for it and neither will the users.

14. Find a way to keep your users entertained. On my site I have about 150+ arcade games to play along with chat rooms, tv stations, award shop, and a lottery!

15. Get something that makes some members feel special. Like for my website I have the Elite Members Club by paying $2-$25 or making 300+ posts you can be one. Elite members get special forums, names, title colors, access and much more!

16. Get something that will get users posting. I have FP Gold on my site that you can sell for services instead of money. These can be earned by posting more, and can be used for graphic designs, services, forum posting, script creation, website help, contests, link sales, signature sales, advertising, and way more!

17. Patience, this is the most revered thing in Web Devoloping, it requires a lot of patience and time.

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Post by Aneeta »


Thanks for your tips. It is very useful for beginners.

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Post by commentcodes »

Nice mate, seo tips.

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