Ranking for Gifts keyword

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Ranking for Gifts keyword

Post by skinz »

If I search on gifts on Google this site, www.needapresent.com appears at the top of the list. Wheres www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk doesn't appear for pages. This does not make any sense to me based on my knowledge of how google ranks pages for keywords, namely keyword density and backlinks. Both have comparable keyword density and linkage analysis shows needapresent has approx 80 linkto and approx 620 contain the term. When you compare this with findmeagift, it has approx 220 and 20400!! There's a huge difference in the scale here yet one site ranks and the other doesn't.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Post by SEOMore »

You can use Web Optimization Angel to anlysis the different of this two websites for keyword:gift

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Re: Ranking for Gifts keyword

Post by bobkerry »

Actually google rank pages if your keywords are totally unique, different and new. If same content is found somehow, problems can be raised and the ranking will be less too

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Re: Ranking for Gifts keyword

Post by monica34 »

Getting so many backlinks from other sites is important but getting quality backlinks from other places is more important. Like getting 4 or 5 links from authority websites would be considered good than getting 100 links from irrelevant websites.
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Re: Ranking for Gifts keyword

Post by VladTepes »

Factors such age of site and being a true physical store/company has effects, too.
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