Links that bring the best traffic?

For discussion of Link building methods.
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Post by KrazyG »

How about some awesome social bookmarking sites like this one:
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Post by rayter »

I would have to say it's social bookmarking and networking. I've been getting a lot of traffic from bookmarking the pages of my site. I also have a Twitter account. :)

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Post by angelinalove »

I will go for social bookmarking.
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Post by kaviraj »

I think incoming link which is from relevant web page to your web site and other one is from high PR web page will generate good traffic to your site.... :arrow:
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Post by buddy007 »

I've found that links from related sites can bring some good traffic. The trick is providing good content that fellow webmasters will want to link to without a reciprocal link.
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Post by myndconsulting »

I guest i'll go for article submission and social bookmarking i think this is the fastest way to drive traffic...

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Post by aquabot12 »

social bookmarking is the best way for the traffic.

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Post by wppeople »

Social bookmarking is good for traffic only if your resource is interest for wide audience. Sample joke, video etc. If resource is intended for special purposes, don't hope to the large traffic. In this case article and press releases creation is better. The traffic from SB is not targeted.
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How to bring traffic to your websites...

Post by skewe »

Convert traffic to income:
  • Post on forums
    Create a blog about your website
    Post articles to article directories
    Use PPC advertising
    Submit press releases
    Use video advertising
    And don't forget Adsense Revenue Sharing and Link exchange.
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Post by my_misyel »

All of you were right. But I feel so comfortable using Social Networking and other techniques such as forum posting in promoting and sharing our products online.

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is it?

Post by phoenixtears »

I think creating profiles in communities and forums where a comment can be given without spamming it and using a backlink in the profile. Again social bookmarking is also another way. But to win this war of traffic i think all the methods are to be tried includeing some of ur own ideas too.

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Post by mdamin76 »

Links from social bookmarking sites can bring traffics, but not backlinks.

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Post by betty »

Social bookmarking is good at getting traffic but it does not mean that they are not giving backlinks. There are some useful social bookmarkings avilable which give backlinks such as mixx..

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Post by DavidHall »

Lots of good advice so far. Much of it is either a bit complicated or costs money. Here is a few quick, easy and free things you can do.
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try getting a dofollow link from digg

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a top article in digg can give a lot of traffic
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