hi help in getting backlinks fast...

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hi help in getting backlinks fast...

Post by lyardson »


can anyone advise me the list of good pagerank websites where I can get backlinks faster and quality...

anylist or anylinks..???

Thanks in advance[/u]
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Post by rayter »

The sites you should link with must be relevant to your niche. Do not link with irrelevant sites, just to get PR.

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Post by bluemanunder »

increase you site's traffic.. traffic is more important than PR social bookmarking, and a quality content will help you.

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Wanda Sykes

Post by YahirM »

Well all you need to do is bring up more interesting updates. And find links that are going to help all your readers. In relation to public awareness, Wanda Sykes, a comedienne extraordinaire, was among the keynote speakers at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, and she made annotations that caused hullabaloo. (See: http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog ... h-advance/) She said that conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh was one of the hijackers on 9/11 but missed his flight due to being strung out on Oxycontin. Obama has distanced himself from the remarks, and some speculate it might cost her some money out of cancelled performances, but she isn't likely to need an online cash advance soon. Blue comedy is one thing, but these remarks are surely insensitive to say the least. Some are calling for Wanda Sykes to do a little credit repair after the unpleasant incident. She maybe portrays a not so good persona in there.

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Re: hi help in getting backlinks fast...

Post by richromo »

lyardson wrote:hi,
can anyone advise me the list of good pagerank websites where I can get backlinks faster and quality...
anylist or anylinks..???
Thanks in advance[/u]
Wish it were that easy. There are oodles and boodles of lists out there and a search on the forum will provide the lists but beware of doing things too fast. How old is your site? What is your niche? You may need to do a little more research as I have found on thing is for certain. There is no way to do this fast and not risk getting banned, or a Google slap as they have the tools and desire to catch and punish trying to manipulate the serps. Please tread carefully for your own sake.

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Post by anamaaria2513 »

you can get more information?

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Post by zeolshah »

yeah, make comments in blogs and forums with your site address

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Post by mdamin76 »

Nowadays, a lot of high PR sites have switched their backlinks to nofollow, except for technorati and mybloglog.

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Post by extreme-seo »

There are not any kins of sites which can provide you too many backlinks in a day or week. You need to put your effort and look for building links.

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Post by betty »

Too many backlinks in a one day is not possible but you can gain quality backlinks by time to time.

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An advice

Post by bryanfuller »

I thing no other site can give you much traffic as you can get from google with little effort.
Use free directories and submit your site with the title (your keyword) and description (your site intro).
not start for a high ranked keywords but start with keywords with lower competition and then advance slowly.
Use the signature of do follow forums.
Post your article in free article site.
Your will see that in a short period of time your site would start getting traffic.
I also exercised this technique for my brochure printing site.

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Post by wereviewwebsites »

First describe the theme of your website and then try to get backlink from it this will works for your website.

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Post by mrandrei »

Based in my experience, forum posting is the fastest way to build backlinks. Google a list of high PR forums then participate in those sites.

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Re: hi help in getting backlinks fast...

Post by Amino »

Try joining more forums and see if you get the same answers to your question. Probably right.

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Re: hi help in getting backlinks fast...

Post by doreengonzales »

Well exert more effort in your link building techniques to improves your site. Quality backlinks will be getting by using more SEO techniques.

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