Is Youtube is Better or not

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Is Youtube is Better or not

Post by buttsb »

is any software that's better then you tube or you tube is the best??? :?
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Post by therence »

There's no other video hosting portal that is very popular other than Youtube. Many are known and become famous because of youtube. So I bet others who will try to compete with Youtube makes it long hardwork for them. - Mask IP, protect your privacy and cover your tracks!

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Post by foodsnark »

Good ! !

Promote in youtube.

Lewis Plaster
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Post by Lewis Plaster »

As far as I know, youtube is one of the great site.....:) where guys are sharing cool videos as well as in terms of SEO/e-Marketing too, it helps a lot...:p
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Post by rypher21 » is one of the most popular site 8)

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Post by rayter »

In terms of video hosting, Youtube is dominating the net. Don't look for other venues. Youtube generates the most traffic, you gotta target that!

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Post by bellfox »

i guess so, only youtube was better in terms of video hosting? is there any?

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Post by signaltelevision »

Youtube is best video portal and also other good thing for youtube is that it is own by Google.
So if you submit any video in youtube than it will give you result in search result of Google.
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Post by Arsalan647 »

hmmmmmmmmm. youtube is the best website of video hosting and updated everytime it is the very good source for seo
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Post by bayoisa »

Youtube's database of videos is huge. Old or new, from music videos to movies- you can find it all in Youtube.
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Re: Is Youtube is Better or not

Post by articlemaster »

buttsb wrote:is any software that's better then you tube or you tube is the best??? :?
Never heard of that. Youtube is a website not any kind of software!! And yes youtube is the best video sharing website with a huge no of user's
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Post by alihanaz6 »

if you are talking about video Sites, then youtube is there is also some nice video websites , like metacafe, hallu but no one can beat youtube, like no search engine can beat google
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no one beat

Post by rockymeet »

leftybogs wrote:you mean website?? well youtube is very popular.. and they updating their site every now and we can expect more.. :wink:
hello dear no one beat youtube greatest site alexa rang is 3 so keep rocking with youtube :)

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Post by yomimedia »

So far, Youtube is still the best video sharing site out there, and it has become one of the most popular social media site too! No wonder there are lots of youtube wannabes out there that tend to emulate their ways.
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