Do Social Bookmarking Sites Help Page Rank?

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Do Social Bookmarking Sites Help Page Rank?

Post by DansMuayThaiMMA »

I started cataloging my posts from my blog on a couple social book marking sites like Digg and Delicious. Will this help my page rank?

My current PR is 1, and I would like to get it up to 2 by the end of the summer.

I have over 400 pages/posts of good content and I have been doing a lot of forums posts, blog commenting, and all the other necessary steps, however I have been spending a lot of time recently doing SBing. I want to know if my efforts are worth it.


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Post by suzzii »

Social Bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to get extra traffic and links coming into your blog. Social bookmarking allows Internet users to save and organize bookmarks to a public website, tag them with keywords, share them with others, and browse what
others have bookmarked.

Thus it gives relevant traffic but not page rank.

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Post by ChiefLee »

Why is your goal to improve your pagerank? Pagerank means nothing. Give me good SERPs and qualified traffic any day over pagerank. Please! :)

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Post by zidit »

Completely help but as the result meaningless

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Post by nsagent »

I don't think it will help your PR at all because the page that has your link on it on digg won't accumulate any to pass on.
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Post by mdamin76 »

Some social bookmarking sites are dofollow and that contributes to PR value.

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Post by rayter »

You can get backlinks from Digg, but not from Delicious. It has a different interface. Social bookmarking sites are mainly used for traffic, not to increase pagerank.

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Post by shakir »

Found the post before .... same query in diff text
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Post by YooHee »

yes.... i think social bookmarking can really help in having backlinks also traffic like in diggo and stumble upon :D
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Post by signaltelevision »

Yes no need of PR for getting SERP in google. You can get your search engine ranking with out PR of your site.
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Post by kellogg9 »

Its about trafffic not page rank when dealing with social networks
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Post by mwya »

social book marking sites increase traffic to your site
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Post by Bina »

I am using social book marking sites for bringing more traffic than PR concerns. You can publish your great works in social sites and it may bring some natural links and so may be your PR increases. But worth a try
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Post by jgalty »

The simple answer is yes.
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Post by bpatton »

Yes it does look for high pr dofollow bookmark sites

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