Optimizing Your Keyword

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Optimizing Your Keyword

Post by sagar2121 »

Once you select your keywords, it's time to apply them to your Web pages. The page text is the most important aspect of your page to the search engines. Search engines give more weight to the titles and headings, or emphasized text. That's why the first 200 words are so important. It's also the basis of the top-left-down keyword optimization strategy. Besides the 200 words and emphasized text on your page, concentrate on making sure your body text contains keywords.

what you should optimize and why:

1. Title tag : All SEO experts agree the title tag is the most important tag on the page. It's the first word or words the spider encounters and it's the title of your page's listing in the SERPs. Use this tag to your advantage; that is, make sure your keywords are listed here.
2. Page heading and subheadings: The page heading (also called page title) and subheadings (also called subtitles) are the next most important features on the page. The page headings and subheadings should describe the page in a way that's relevant to users as well as search engines. Some sites use graphics for these important tags -- but spiders can't read graphics, so these crucial tags are wasted if you use graphics instead of text.
3. Abstract: Besides the title and page headings, your page should have some text that describes what the page is about. This will be pulled into the listing for your page on the SERPs, so make it keyword-rich in a way that pleases spiders and users. Make the most of this area so you're using the top 200 words of your page to the best advantage.
4. Major headings and terms in bold and italics: Words in major heading tags and words in bold and italics will also influence your ranking. These tags tell the user the highlighted terms are important to the page, and the spider sees them the same way. Make sure the emphasized words are keyword rich.
5. Body of the text: Don't forget to ensure your keywords are in the text. If you have trouble doing this, you might have chosen the wrong keywords.

The first 200 words and the most emphasized words on your page should be keywords. After that, ensure that your body text contains keywords.
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Post by bpatton »

Nice tips very helpful
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Post by wahm375 »

Great list. Thanks for the tips. I am going to implement them.
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Post by anamaaria2513 »

Thanks for the list

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Post by avoid-debt »

graet tips..

very helpful !
thanks for sharing !
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Post by KrazyG »

Remember that before you optimize your keywords, analyze it first. ;)
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Post by mdamin76 »

Good point.

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Post by thirdisa »

Great tips! Another thing to take note of is the competitiveness of your keyword. Remember that you should always keep up with the online marketing trends so that your website can excel in SEO.
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Add keywords in your website URLs tooo

Post by vikas.kukreja »

Hi Guys,

further to make your seo friendly webpage, you should include your business related keywords in your web pages URLs.
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Post by rayter »

As regards to #4, when you make headings or highlight a text, remember to use <strong> instead of <b>. That's more SEO-friendly.

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Post by my_misyel »

Remember to list down carefully and decide on the keywords you're going to use.

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Post by Dave011 »

I also add using H1 tags on the header and using your target keyword as anchor text.

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Thanks to share keywords optimization tips.
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Good thread.. thanks for sharing :)
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nice tip tnx

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