how long should i wait for my SEO?

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how long should i wait for my SEO?

Post by mint1 »

hello everyone i work in a new york web design company i just starting to do SEO. i need to know some thing if some of you have the answer, how much i should wait to get the output of my seo?
for example i work one month on my website now i when my efforts get affected in search engines???

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Post by Netdogz »


Its completely depend on your work.

SEO is not work like one month or for few days only.

You can promote your work within one month only if you want to to manage your site position you have manage your site regular.

Thanks :)

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Post by rayter »

You can expect improvement in your ranking as early as one month. But your linkbuilding efforts should be continuous. Competition is tough in Google. There's always someone out there who are going to outrank you.

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Post by Dave011 »

it depends on your work. You can get it for 1 week or 3 days base on how you optimize your site and build links.

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Post by KrazyG »

it will depend on what keywords you are targeting and how much work you are putting on it.

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Post by extreme-seo »

Make sure that you work for 3 months 'CONTINUOUSLY'.

Do not try to get too many backlinks for your website in very short duration. This might get your website banned from G.

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Post by betty »

SEO is not a process of instatn output; it takes time and dedication both in work. If there is a consistancy in your work then it can be seen in few months like 3-4-5-6.

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Post by coolmm »

it is helpful for me to seo my website.thanks

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Post by liquidgraph »

Well, there are no specific standard, it depends upon many factors, where the major two are.
- the quality og the work you are doing
- The competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting

It could be from 1 week, up to a year depending on the keyword you target.

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Post by calnettech »

SEO is to grow vegetables grown today get next 3 months.

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Post by myndconsulting »

Yes I agree to all above post..being an SEO need a lot of patience because you will not see an instant results on your work but eventually as you continually do your SEO work you will later see the results of your hard work and you also need to maintain it...

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Post by markjones123 »

It actually depends on how hard you work.. If your getting tons of back links then you'll have higher chances of getting into top rankings and high PR.. But its not just back links that you should consider - its the QUALITY of back links..

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Post by liquidroofcoatings »

I agree with jane one should not focus on quantity of the back links but should focus on quality of the back links

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Post by chrrrrris »

No one can tell u for sure, it is largely depends. But, you have to be patient, it is quite time consuming process.

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Post by ITchimes1 »

Its depends on your works. you can get some output by seo within 3 to 6 month, if you do regular work on your website.

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